Monday, February 1, 2010

A new week!

Good food day today! Well, I didn't eat nearly enough, but I did make dinner tonight! How cool is that!!!

I made grilled chicken, cut up tomatoes, avocado, onions (i forgot those... JT came through though loL!) lettuce, fat free refried bean, low card tortillas and fage for sour cream. They were AWESOME! :) Not nearly as good as JT's great food, but good for me!

Tomorrow should be a productive day - I have class until 315 but afterward I am going to workout immediately and then watch biggest loser which is ALWAYS very inspirational! Depending on the timing, I am probably going to go to a weight watchers meeting with my friend wednesday too - not because I plan to do weight watchers, but because I want to support her. Plus, it never hurts to do things like that because any information they can give me will increase my healthy-life knowledge.

JT and I did have a cheat meal Sunday and it was awesome this time! It hit the spot! Such a nice reward for being on track for 3 weeks! (almost 4!)

Thank you for reading - I will have a lot to share tomorrow (Ive been making a list of yummy healthy foods such as protein bars that actually taste good and are low in fat etc...)

PS- I weighed in today for shits and giggles and I was in the 160's...WOO HOO! Lets see what Friday brings!

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  1. Oh girl congrats on the 160's!!! I know you'll have it in the bag this week! And do you happen to know a good stir fry recipe that JT has cooked for you?? I'm in desperate need for a way I'll eat more vegetables!! Good luck today on workout! And I'll be seein ya here in a min!