Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Exhausting Monday! And I don't even do HALF of what JT does on Mondays! haha

Anyways it was a VERY productive day. Not only did I knock my calorie burn out of the park by cleaning my butt of (literally) this morning and working out, but I ate very well today, got homework done and JT and I picked up a few essentials at the store!

P90X has been very good to me. I must say. Its a tough workout but man it is making me so strong. What I find MOST amazing though, is how much just doing stuff burns. Walking around the house picking crap up - walking to class etc... brings your overall daily calorie burn up. My point with all of this is that making small changes here and there in your day will be helpful to calorie burn. Take the stairs a few extra times, park a few spots further from the store, class, work etc... That is especially important on days you can't get a workout in.

I know my weight loss is going to be big this week. I have cut my calories a bit and I am going to do a little extra "moving" throughout the week. Im feeling SO good.

Side note - Melanie! I answered your questions about the supplement questions I had if you don't mind checking that out for me. And thank you everyone for your continued support in this endeavor and lifestyle change! Its still going GREAT! (PS I fit into a shirt I haven't been able to wear in a couple years! woot!) :) :) :)


  1. How excellent! I'm happy for you! I haven't gone down in size in FOREVER and I can't wait to be able to fit into some old stuff that I decided not to throw out AND to wear those super cute jeans you gave me! I'm so proud of everything you're doing! Keep it up girl!

  2. Chris is in CO until this weekend, but I can give him a call and see what he has to say!!!