Sunday, February 26, 2012

Will run for wine...

Or... will not run because I drank wine.. whatever.

I did go on an awesome walk with JT just now though and it was as an awesome, productive weekend. Unfortunately I did not get my MRI this weekend  due to complications with the machine and not having the proper blood work (thanks a lot VA.... jeez) but, overall it was a nice couple of days off.

This is going to be a crazy week! 5 days of work and 5 days of play practice. (and Saturday I have a photo shoot for the play!!! so 6 days!) But, its going to be a good week. Going tot try hard to get up and work out. I think JT is going to start back at crossfit toO! He is feeling SO much better!

And, the best news of all? Marley is ALMOST out of heat, we finally got Remley to eat something tonight and he has calmed down so much that we might actually get some sleep tonight! WOOT! haha! <3

headin' out for a run

It is absolutely gorgeous here in Texas <3 So - JT and I are heading out for a little jog. :) It is MUCH needed after last night's decadent dinner at JT's parents' house! It was light, but caloric!

We'll probably head to Rose Redmun for the run! If it isn't dark, Ill try to snap some shots. It is a beautiful run. :) Then, home for a delicious dinner made by Toad.

Here are several motivational posters to leave you with until I can write again later!!! If you don't have pintrest as a tool (for many things - but motivation and fitness is definitely one!) you should GET IT! Send me your email and Ill send you an invite!

 I have vomited far too many times to count during and after a workout.... most recent? Super Spartan!
 I would also add vanilla protein (spirutein or another vegan protein option)
 This couldn't be more true... last burpee? Super Spartan... how many? 150.... it blew. Hence the vomiting!
 I have failed so many times at losing weight and staying fit...which causes doubt and leads to sabotage! It is a constant struggle, but DOABLE!
 GOSH I wish my body look liked this! Working on it!
 So true. Love it, don't do it because you feel like you "have" too. It can be fun if you believe it is and do things you love!

 You can't eat like crap though and expect these results!

 Hope you enjoyed these - they definitely motivate me!! <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Journey into the center of the earth

Well... it’s not quite the center of the earth - but our journey into veganism has been quite interesting.

Like any other thing in life - when starting veganism you have to "get your feet wet." The first few days were filled with finding things that tasted good, things we hated and just trying to keep up with cooking and making all of the things we had to in order to stay on our 28-day Engine 2 journey. We did find a few great recipes and things we really enjoyed as well as many things we just hated. Most of all we were so enthused and excited about a new challenge. And let me just explain that we were already eating about 80% vegan before we even started this diet. We still had milk or cheese occasionally, and I sometimes had sushi or shrimp... but, very rarely! Oh and we ate Greek yogurt too. So, this didn't seem like it would be that crazy of a transition.

After 3 days of being a vegan, JT started crossfit and although it was exhausting, he had plenty of energy to get through the workout. We also felt great health wise and our bathroom routines increased a lot (sorry if TMI) that applied to day 4 as well. On day 5, however, JT came home a little early from school not feeling well and when I got home I realized he was BURNING up! His temp ended up being 102. Friday I worked all day and when I came home his temp was still 102 and we headed to Urgent care - pneumonia. That made things a little rough. JT thought food tasted awful for several days and my days were filled with taking care of him, cleaning and sanitizing our home. Yuck. The only thing that JT could even consider eating was curry - so I got it, had some (cheated on my vegan diet!!! ahh!!!) and he ended up not even wanting to eat! haha. Oh well.

JT is on the mend, but through all of the craziness and misery, we've come to the realization that veganism is way too restrictive. We both understand the principle behind it. We both also understand that it gives your body the nutrition and fuel it needs to be as healthy as possible - but, we are also both practical and feel like being so restrictive is ridiculous. It was interesting, and I am going to finish out this week as a vegan (I already went shopping dammit!) but JT is done and as of next week I think we're going to stop being completely vegetarian (well... for me pescatarian... but for JT vegetarian) as well. We both still plan to eat a vegetarian/vegan diet 80% of the time, but we don't want to feel so restricted. I think one of the reasons we were able to sustain vegetarianism so long is because it was not quite so restrictive, we made decisions about what we wanted to eat and didn't feel boxed in. Things didn't taste like "replacements." And, we are NOT processed foods people so all of the vegan substitutes were pretty much out! So, we'll avoid processed foods completely still, and we'll eat lots and lots of vegetarian foods, but we're back to being omnivores. :)

I discussed with my friend Carolyn that I think the reason I tend to want to go so extreme with my eating is because I feel in control when I do that. I think that control is something I crave because I struggled so much with binging in my past. I have gained a MUCH healthier relationship with food in the last couple of years (thanks to lots of help and encouragement from JT!) but, it’s still a daily struggle. I used to literally count every single calorie I put in my body but all of those calories were empty, bullshit calories that I would eat so I didn't feel "Cheated." Some examples are: 100 calorie snack packs, goldfish, lean cuisine meals that were low calorie so I could eat more sweets later... etc... It’s always been such a struggle to strike a balance in food and I honestly think going vegetarian and vegan has really helped me find that happy medium of being satisfied, but still able to enjoy food. I mean, who knows? I might eat meat and HATE it and decide I am still actually going to be pescatarian... but anyways - the journey has been an interesting one!

On a different note - I am losing weight still and feel great. My workouts have been ok - but, I got a part in a local play and our rehearsal schedule is intense leading up to our opening, I am going to have to get my lazy ass out of bed to fit in workouts in the mornings!!! :) I can do it though.

Here is to striking a balance and living a very very healthy life. :)

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am seeing them. :)

(I started this post last week and came back to post another... realizing I didn't ever post this one... so here goes!)

Turns out the scale at my house wasn't a fluke and I did, in fact drop 5 lbs. from my last weigh in. I weighed in at 166.4 - which is just over 3 lbs. from where I started. Its not HUGE progress... but it IS PROGRESS. I am very happy and JT confirms that although I have not dropped a ton of weight, getting back into exercising and lifting has made a difference and he can SEE IT! That is probably the best part!

Our scale is still broken, so, I am working to win this next weigh in so I can take the scale our department is giving away as a prize. Our final weigh in isn't until April, but, to keep people motivated along the way, we decided to give prizes to the top three people with the highest weight loss percentages for ever weigh in as well. Its usually different people too which is pretty cool!

Oh, I did the calculations, and so far, the 28 participants have dropped 201.4 lbs.!!!!!!!! I am SO proud to be part of that.


Last night (Saturday night) JT and I went shopping (it took four hours because we had to go to 4 different stores to get everything we needed) but, we did succeed. We bought everything we needed to start and be successful with the Engine 2 diet. (click the name for the website!)

I have been talking about our plan to go Vegan for quite some time, but, we finally found a system that walks us step-by-step along the way so we are organized and feel confident in our choices. (It is quite hard to be veggie and vegan... not getting the right nutrients and relying too heavily on just carbs is a worry at times... even if we don't really eat carbs lol.)

We modified a couple of things. We don't dig fake meat so we are going to have something else on those days (such as the Black bean Coco Quinoa recipe etc....) and... unfortunately we're going to have to stop having curry for a while because it has fish  sauce in it - but, its all good, because the recipes with this diet and the food suggestions are awesome.

Today's Food:

Rips Big Bowl
1/4 cup old-fashioned oats
1/4 cup grape-nuts
1/4 cup shredded wheat
1/4 cup Uncle Sam Cereal
1 tbsp ground flaxseed meal
2 tablespoons raisins
1/2 handful walnuts
1 banana sliced
1 kiwi sliced
1 grapefruit
3/4 cup almond or soymilk

(This is A LOT of food, but, the point is to start your day off with a huge hearty energy-packed meal and then bring down what you're eating as the day goes on)

Lunch Stuffed Pita with Hummus
Lots of veggies

all stuffed in a pita. There actually isn't a recipe for this one, so, we're going to make it like that :)

dinner Spinach Starter Salad & Gnocchi with Red Sauce
Exactly how it sounds :)

Dessert Frozen Cherries and Soy Yogurt

We have never been big soy fans, but, due to needing to add protein to our lives, we've decided to try it for this and give it a chance. :) So, we will be trying the tofu recipes as well as using soymilk and soy yogurt when he calls for it.

We are excited. We both recently had our cholesterol checked so we'll get it checked again after this 28 day diet (life-style change) and give our results.  :)

On a different note, Johnny put an awesome quote on his wall today from one of my all-time favorite songs!

"Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain 
that is pouring like an avalanche coming down a mountain." 
- Gibby Haynes (Lead singer of the Butthole Surfers)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weigh in today

I am nervous. And not because I haven't been doing what I should, because I HAVE and I will be completely crushed if the numbers don't reflect the hard work Ive been doing. My scale isn't working so Im not sure if losing 5 lbs. last week was a fluke or a scale problem. Im going to go with the loss and just keep my fingers crossed.

Wish me luck! Ill check in later with the results. <3

Oh and lets all start our way feeling this way! (how cute!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cool article

I am pretty obsessed about eating a certain way... but, my friend Adam shared a link to a story of people who are even more particular!

Eat your heart out!!

Also, I made a delicious breakfast!

It was my own recipe... so I will call it "Curried egg, rice and black bean burrito"

Basically I made scrambled eggs - whipped them first with a little almond milk to add some air
I warmed up some rice and blackbeans and mised that with panang curry (from my WONDERFUL thai place) and put them in a garlic tortilla!


My goal this week is to get in workouts and yoga every day and to do well in my weigh in. I have been SO dedicated and successful this past week! I am going to keep it going!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about advice. When I wrote, I was talking specifically about fitness advice... but last night I got a reminder that sometimes, you're giving advice and making a difference in someone's life without having to do anything but being true to yourself.

"You inspired me to get out of the navy and realize there's a life outside of broken relationships and constant deployments. My thanks will never be enough. You're my hero."

I received this message last night on facebook. It was from a Sailor who I spent about two weeks with while my ship was out to sea and I was transitioning out of the Navy. It may be one of the most meaningful compliments I have ever received.

Although I feel like the Navy is a great option for many and serves as a great stepping stone in life, I also feel like it is smothering and stifling. You can only go as far as the Navy is willing to let you go. Your life is never quite yours. You may be comfortable financially, but you're never truly stable.

To know that I somehow made enough of an impression to be an example to someone, gives my decision to get out even more merit. Not only have I given myself the gift of living a life without reservation, but I have inspired someone else to do so as well. I really had no idea either. So remember, people are always watching, always listening - LIVE in such a way that you are always doing the type of things others wish they could be doing (and hopefully, they will have the courage to stop wishing and start doing.)

Thank you for reading.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still working hard!

Just checking in to let everyone know that things are going great over here! I am still working hard and have ramped up the "cooking" and "eating" aspect of my journey. I had done that once before, but I am really doing better cooking our meals and preparing our lunches, rather than us snacking constantly.

Also, the workouts are going great this week. I was a little spotty before, but I am definitely motivated and on it! Last week I was having some serious issues with my back. I hurt it while I was in the Navy and although it does always ache and hurt about 50% of the time, Last week it was hurting 100% of the time... in fact, I had to make an appointment (which I won't have until the 9th of Feb!) Im working out again because it is feeling better, but I am definitely keeping the appt. to make sure all is well in there.

Here is my favorite new recipe!!!  (sans cheese though)  (click the link to see the recipe!)

avocado, tomato, sprouts & pepper jack with chive spread

And here are a couple motivating pictures! <3

I would love to look like the above pic!

And here is a great workout I found! Challenge yourself!