Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday (again) lol.

Feeling great in the 160s officially!!!

Time for my daily check in! It was a very good day!

JT and I stayed up until 3am last night watching the rest of season 5 of Lost so we could catch up for this season! Then, because we were up so late, (and it was SUCH a long week) we ended up sleeping until damn 11! We ate and ran a few errands before I headed to softball practice.. omg SO FUN!

I love softball. I burned over 600 cals and felt GREAT running around (even though it was freezing) and I am really looking forward to practicing and playing this spring. Oh and a couple of people on the team noticed I had lost a couple of lbs! How awesome is that!

On a different note eating today and this weekend is still going strong. Its so easy to stay on track finally because Im not constantly wanting bad crap (i do crave it sometimes, but Its not an addiction or an option anymore if that makes sense.) We've found things to take the place of the old things in many cases and some things I just don't know how I ate in the first place lol. My friend Chelsea wrote something in her blog that is how I feel but have been unable to put words to and that was she just didn't let herself have an option to make a bad decision. She made up her mind and stuck to it.

You just can't make it a choice. When you eat you have to make decisions ahead of time and not falter. When you go to a fast food place you have to plan and KNOW what you are going to get so when you go its not like... well a small fry wouldn't be too bad... You have to either A. decide ahead of time you want a small fry and just do it or B. make the decision ahead of time that you're not - but allowing yourself to fight with yourself in your head is where the problem starts. You just have to have the bad choice as not an option.

alrighty - i'll try to check in tomorrow with an article and an update - if not I def. will monday!! Thank you for reading!

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  1. I'm glad you have a sport to be involved in!! I'm glad that you aren't craving that bad stuff nearly as often! It should make the rest of this process so much easier! Can't wait till I'm there! Workout today, I'm super excited though I doubt I'll be able to keep up with you girls! lol