Monday, February 22, 2010

Great Weekend

So I had a great weekend!

Well to start with Friday - We went to JT's parents house and messed around with the sweet baby goats <3 And then we had our cheat meal (mexican).

Saturday we did a lot around the house. We played disc golf, went to lunch out and made pretty healthy choices and also washed the car. The disc golf was a blast though and again, its amazing how many calories you burn from just walking around! haha It makes me so happy to know I can just walk around and DO stuff and burn calories to lose weight. Chelsea - thank you for such a fun time! Hope you enjoyed the game!
I also made dog biscuits - So cool! The girls LOVED them! Thanks again Melanie! <3 As silly as it sounds, making my sweet babies dog biscuits really brought me a lot of joy! haha

Then today... oh my goodness today... SO busY! I ran around the house and got a lot done here this morning - then I had a THREE hour softball practice! haha Then I stopped by Sam's on the way home and Brookshires (regular grocery store here in Texas). Then I came home and put the stuff away - took a shower and realized we had no lunch meat left so I had to go back to brookshires! Then I came home, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen and fed the dogs! lol! I burned 2904 calories for the day! haha and I ate very light because I was so busy!

SO yeah, busy, but amazing day. I love feeling so accomplished!

I'll have another long check in tomorrow. I found some great vitamins I'd like to share and a few more products I like. Feel free to share your own too! <3


  1. Isn't making doggie bisquits fun?? Bianca and Lucy both loved them. I have these tiny little animal cookie cutters, so with all that dough, it's SOOOOO much cutting!!! But it's perfect for Bella to help with - she only eats minimal dough with the dog biscuits, as opposed to sugar cookies!! haha.

  2. Great job Heather! Sounds like you had an awesome, active and productive weekend! I'm surprised you didn't burn MORE yesterday with a 3 HOUR softball practice, dang! lol : )

  3. Trust me we had a blast too, and so want to do it again. We've already talked about investing in a disc ourselves, I want a pink one :). Richard even talked about how much he really enjoyed it and he's less into active sports than I am. So thanks for takin us! I'm proud of you for working your tail off and staying busy all weekend. On Sunday I was so exhausted I just sat and watched TV most of the time!! Sad, but I really haven't done that in weeks, so indulged a little. Which caused me to start on the mashed potatoes late, and caused us to eat about an hour later than originally planned, but it worked out! Can't wait for our workout today. If you have other plans just let me know!! Love ya girl!