Friday, April 30, 2010


Sorry I didn't update yesterday - i was very overwhelmed with papers, studying etc...

Things are going well here. I had softball tonight and we won again! we are 6-0! Although tonight's game was VERy close - we played like Crap!

We have the warrior dash sunday. I don't really think im ready for it, and Jt is in a lot of pain with his back again, so I think we are going to take it VERY VERY easy. the main goal is to finish it.

If the fatties in Texas can do a 5K on TBL - then I can!

Thee good news is that I am SO close to being done with school. I don't even have stress anymore. Only two more tests, one of which is online. I have two papers due but I already turned one in and the other is done besides one section. :) Life is good. Weight be gone because stress is gone! lol!

We did a great job eating this week. We ate all whole foods etc... I feel so good about it too. Its hard to let go of "low fat" but im getting used to it and enjoying teh chance.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I want a change

Not just for me - but for America. It is really weighing on my heart.

I know that probably sounds strange, but it breaks my heart to see people who just have no control over their lives... ME included. My family included, my friends included. The worse part, is that no matter how "bad" someone wants to lose weight - it is SUCH a struggle due to our society. Convenience outweighs health more often than not. Cost outweighs health. But what can we do? I sure as hell can't buy organic chicken at 5.99 a lb. I can't buy organic strawberries at 8.99 a carton. No matter how hard I try to eat better, healthier - it seems like there is always something more that I have to consider or figure out. Why can't it be simple?

One thing I heard several times today while watching my DVR's Jamie Oliver and watching biggest loser, is that this generation right now, is the FIRST in history expected to live a shorter lifespan than their parents. HOW SICKENING! There is HOPE - but I feel like we as a society have to do MORE. Here is the beginning of our hope - JT's aunt shared this with me today and I think it is SO cool. I would LOVE to teach at a school like this!

Now, I have another article to share that Carolyn posted for us the other day in our email group, and although its not positive or hopeful outwardly, I think it is important to note that it is positive that we are figuring these things out and learning why we are struggling so heavily (no pun intended!) as a society.

On a different note - we started out challenge Monday. I am so excited about it. Ive eaten pretty well the last few days too :) Just have to get back into the workouts more heavily and get the eating completely under control. It should be pretty easy though with JT and I having a couple week break in our school schedules. :)

I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow - but my overall goal is to do a midnight run to wally world tonight to pick up a few snacks etc... and then to find SOME time tomorrow to work out. Once we get a little moolah we are going to purchase some TRX bands. Ive really wanted them, but money wise ive had to hold off and now Im just going to such it up and put the money out.

Thanks for reading. <3

Monday, April 26, 2010

Successful Sunday

Today was a pretty successful day. JT and I ate healthy all day and I had softball :) We have our run next weekend so we are both going to continue to work out this week to prepare ourselves. We'll probably have to take it REALLY slow though! lol. We bought a water cooler thingy too - so now we have NO excuse not to drink water! (very affordable AND it is better for the environment AND it makes HOT water!)

My knee is feeling better! But its still a little weak. I am going to have to run on grass all week so my knee doesn't swell back up. JT is still hurting pretty bad though (he tweaked his hip/back/butt lol last year and its still acting up.) So Im calling the chiropractor this week for him and hopefully she can fix that for him for the run.

In addition to all of that - we only have two weeks left of school... can't wait to have a break. I really dislike it right now because I have so much work to do. :)

I have been working on my goals - Ive redone my overall goal - I'd like to be 144 by Aug 1. Id also like to get my body fat down to 18%. That is 3 months! Plus, my girlfriends and I are having a biggest loser competition type deal starting monday. We are going to do it in monthly increments and the winner at the end of that month, who loses the most body fat will get a gift or 25 bucks from each of the other people in the group. Should be fun AND very motivating.

thanks for reading!

Friday, April 23, 2010

lets make a change

I sent this email to many of my friends and family - I wanted to send it to all of you as well. :) Please support this cause!

Hello -

As many of you know, JT and I are working toward being healthier in our lives. Something we are taking most seriously is eating less processed crap and eating more whole foods. One of the things that has inspired us, is the show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." If you haven't heard of it, Jamie is a chef from Europe who went into the schools of Hunington, West Va. with a mission to completely change the way the kids/faculty/parents/residents look at food. It has been a hassle for him - people are just rude and unwilling to change their ways without a fight. They are more worried about "how they would be portrayed on a show," than the health and well-being of their children. Thankfully, Jamie wouldn't take no for an answer. He pushed and pushed and pushed and did everything he could to educate the community and now he has finally gotten through to many of the residents. I am very happy for Hunington, but I'd really like to see something like this move across America. In our infinite knowledge as a society we think as long as the nutrition label looks good we're good to go - but what we don't take into account many times is what is put into the food. Things such as High Fructose Corn Syrup are within the first 3 ingredients of many of our foods... and although commercials are trying to tell you otherwise, HFCS is very dangerous and terrible for us. Here is an informational article about that -

In addition to the ingredients in the food for the kids, one of the problems Jamie has found is that there are so many strange rules about how many grains should be in a meal etc... but what they are counting as grains are "pizza crust," in addition to that - they have to have a certain number of vegetables per meal - unfortunately, they consider french fries a vegetable. It is sickening... i could literally go on and on - He asked a group of 1st graders to name the vegetables he was holding up - one kid called a tomato a potato... and they didn't get a SINGLE one right. They couldn't name ONE vegetable out of probably 15. So basically, there is a complete ignorance. We need to educate our youth about healthy choices.
The whole point of this email is to ask you to help us try to make a difference. I have posted the link to Jamie's online petition to change the food in our schools. This petition (according to the site) will be presented to the president, and hopefully from there we will see a radical change in the food we feed our kids and the obesity problem that plagues our society. (which has also created a serious health problem in our nation.)

Whether you support this or not, please forward this to anyone you think might care. The more people we can get on board, the easier it will be to make a change.

Thank you for your support. :)
Heather and JT

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Too cool for school

yes - its wednesday so I didn't have to go to school! woo hoo! :) :)

It was a pretty good day mostly, but Marley decided to misbehave and stuck her damn head under the back fence after instigating the pitbull back there and ended up getting her face mauled. She is ok, and it was completely her fault, that pit is as sweet as can be... its just upsetting and nerve wracking when things like that happen. She will have a few scars on her face... and shes in some pain - but nothing too serious. Besides that I just cleaned up the house and grabbed a few things from the grocery store. We ate really healthy today! I feel great actually. We'll be continuing that trend too. Hopefully we'll start to see some changes. Its crazy - because we know that it is SO important to eat right in order to see results... but its like we have to get to a point where we are "ready" to commit to eating well.

I have a softball game tomorrow and I can' wait! I hit really well at practice Sunday - I feel like this will be a great game.

Not much else to report today - but I will do my goals etc... here in the next few days :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh my birthday pie

:) Today was the busiest and most productive day I've had in weeks (and when I say that I mean it... even though i've been pretty productive lately.)

I ate decently today (besides splitting Tiramisu with JT - but we did split and it is his bday!) well was... im writing this after midnight so its no longer his bday technically.

In addition to eating well I cleaned the house (which was so filthy I was beginning to feel disgusted...) did some homework, pulled together some bday stuff for JT, went to class, had a job interview (went really well by the way - it was at Chase bank.) had dinner with JT at a GREAT restaurant and did some more homework. Oh and watched a movie! :) haha The nice thing about the productiveness of my day is that is was actually quite fun. :)

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut. Any of you who are reading this and have seen me in the last 3 years know that my hair is almost to my butt... its time for a change. WIsh I had ANY idea what I was going to do... haha. Ill definitely post pictures! :)

I can't wait to start walking/jogging again this week. My knee still hurts but it IS feeling better today :) And Carolyn gave me some good advice (stop trying to overdo it so quickly!) Very sound advice, thank you. Im a little worried about this week's weigh in. We'll see I guess!

Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

much work - little play

Today was a very homework intensive day again! This is what I get for waiting until the last minute to do everything! lol!

I did go to softball today and had a decent practice. I feel absolutely disgusting though. I really feel fat and gross. Its such an awful feeling :( I just wish it wasn't so damn hard to lose weight. Its a constant struggle that I am so tired of having. I enjoy eating - but I constantly have to monitor what I put into my mouth because if I look at something fattening it somehow makes its way into my love handles, thighs and arms. :( bleah.

I will persist though. Its all I can really do. I just wanted to check in. I could really use some words of encouragement though if anyone has any to offer. :) thanks for your continued support. <3

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Another long day of school work!! haha. A productive day though. And although I took another day off of running (seriously... all excuses aside, my knee is gynormo... there is A LOT of fluid in it... it sucks.) But I DID play some disc golf!

I found an interesting article to share :

Thoughts on the article?

In addition to school work and disc golf today, I went to a going away party for my friend Kelsey. :) It was so fun and I met some great people. They are all "hippie" type people and real into eating organic etc... VERY COOL.

Tomorrow will be more school work, softball and more school work. I really hope I can run a little this week - Im a bit concerned about our run on May 2! I will walk that crap if I have too! haha I want my viking helmet! :)

thank you for reading - hope you enjoy the article I posted!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

LOoooong school day

These days are always work productive, but not great for my workout/eating plan. I didn't eat badly today, but I didn't feel as in control and I would like to be. And I worked so hard at school all day that I just didn't have the energy to run (and I am so sore... my knee is literally throbbing.)

I did make the decision today though, not to be stressed anymore. I think that is one of my problems. I allow myself to be so stressed that it impedes my weight loss efforts. I found this article which I thought was quite interesting and informational -

The only way for me to alleviate this problem is to just stop stressing (easier said than done I bet! haha) But I am going to make and effort. I am also going to try to make smaller, better goals so that I can reach some and feel more motivated. I am going to work on those tonight and post them tomorrow.

How is everyone's weight loss/better health and fitness lifestyle going? Please share! :)

Thank you so much for reading!!

Day 3

Another decent day. Took running off for my bodies sake and instead played a round of disc golf with JT. :) So that was fun! :)

We went grocery shopping tonight! So I am VERY excited that we have good, whole foods in the house to EAT and snack on! :) Tomorrow is a long day at school - but I will run after my night class <3 and then rather than weigh in this week, I am going to wait until next week. Id like to see a big number on my first weigh in day back. :) I will also re-tape myself so I can start new with my measurements.

It is unreal how difficult it is to find normal foods without modified this, hydrogenated that... I am just floored at how "processed" our society has become. We looked at every single ingredients list tonight though and I feel great. :)

I read an article in my Women's health today that said Milk is the BEST post-workout snack. It said in a research study, women who drank milk after a workout lost weight, whereas women who drank sports drinks after a workout generally gained weight. The study showed that the Milk was a natural fat burner and muscle repairer. I know you're not a big milk fan Carolyn, and personally I don't drink much milk - but I wanted to share that bit of info in case anyone else swears by milk. :)

I am way more sore than usual! haha IT is crazy! I need to find something besides ibuprofin to help me feel less miserable! any suggestions? fish oil?

Thank for reading! <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


YAY! I had a very successful first day back! :)

I logged my food, drank more water AND ran again! Although, the run SUCKED today... even worse than yesterday haha. I still ran the ENTIRE 2 miles. I will probably walk at a fast pace tomorrow or run one lap, walk one lap etc... to give my knees and back a rest (and my neck... my form is AWFUL right now so I am SO sore!)

It feels so good to be back at it again. Just having something to work toward feels good - its something I can't even really express... i just feel great being on track. I will say however, that my food is BS still. I ate too many sweety type things and not enough protein. JT and I are going to do a little shopping tonight so we'll have some good snacks in the house. I HAVE been eating a lot of almonds though Mel! :) haha

So I think since it is obvious to me that I will be able to run the 5K no problem, I think i might set a goal for myself to finish. I have to figure out what it will be because its not a normal 5K - but i'd like to push myself so that JT gets a great run in too.

Anyone read any good fitness articles lately? If so, could you share them!? :) I need some good - fitness reading! :) <3

Thank you so much for reading!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Although I have written several papers this evening, and the last thing I want to do is write, I promised some friends (and myself) that I would recommit myself to writing tonight. I am good for my word. (sorry it wasn't yesterday Terrina ... im good on my word to a point...)

Things have been going ok on this end. I am not where I'd like to be - I am supposed to be at my goal weight of 144 tomorrow... and Im 25 lbs. off still. I am proud to say I have not gone back into the 170's, but not having any progress at all makes me feel sick.

On a good note, I have begun my 5K workout training. I can pretty steadily run 2 miles. I don't stop at all, but its pretty difficult near the end. I think ill be able to do the 5K comfortably when its time though based on where I currently stand.

Also on a good note, we've weeded out all of the CRAP out of cupboards. We got rid of everything that had High Fructose corn syrup, modified whatever, aspertame etc... and we've started buying whole foods. It feels great! Now if we could stop getting fast food again we'd be golden! haha!

My goals for this week are to run EVERY SINGLE DAY, log my calories starting tomorrow, and to drink enough water. Hopefully I can lose a pound or two by the end of the week and get back on track fully. I WILL be 144 by the time I go to the bahamas! I haven't forgotten my goals and even though im not on target, I won't quit.

Terrina wrote and told me she has lost some weight! WOO HOO!!! I am SO proud for her! <3 One thing she noted, and I have said again and again and posted articles about etc... is how important food intake is. She works out constantly and said it was changing her diet that helped her actually lose weight. Thank you SO much for being a motivator T - and for being on me to post again. You girls too Vicky, Jenn and Carolyn! haha

From this day forward (best I can!) I will write and stay on track. PLEASE help me as you have before! <3