Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slacking :(

well - it hasn't been two weeks yet.. but I still feel like a slacker for not writing and I feel even worse because my workouts have been lacking.

It is such a different beast to be with JT and the dogs. I don't even have children yet and I already feel like I can't find the time (or won't find the time is actually the truth) to go out and just get a workout in. I hate that. SO much so in fact that even though I said I'd change it last time, I am going to say it again and actually do it. I am still in great shape and I am still losing weight - I have to keep my commitment to myself to get back into my routine.

Luckily, despite not working out I have been quite active. Between work, dogs and doing cool stuff with JT I feel like I am burning roughly the same amount of calories. I actually know I was because I had been wearing my HRM - however, the strap on my armband is breaking and I don't have the money to get a new one (and I have like 5 in texas... so I'll just start up again when I get home.)

We are still eating healthy too by the way, which is one change I am SO thankful we made. IT is so easy not to go out every night (well... especially because we don't have the money to do it....) but it just isn't something we want to do. we just make some to eat and move on. Usually it is delicious to! :)

Anywho... time to say goodnight for now, but please give me some grief on FB and on here about slacking - I need some motivation to keep going on the path I was. I made a vow to myself to get my PT license when I hit my goal weight and I will be damned if I don't meet that goal.

Monday, June 20, 2011

wow... two weeks...

I can't even believe it has been two entire weeks since I have made a post. I am a bit disappointed in myself... but I am also happy because the reason I have not been writing is because I have been so busy LIVING!

JT is back in town. It has completely changed my schedule and routine. I am no longer living my life with just me, now I am living my life with me, JT and 3 bulldogges! Although I have not had regimented workouts (a few runs over the days) we have been SO active (lol... in more ways than you all are probably assuming...) and I have kept my calorie burn up.

As I move forward with my weight-loss journey, I realize that I have to change my routine up a little bit to continue in a downward weight direction and an upward fitness direction. As much as I freaking hate it, I am going to have to get up in the mornings to get in my workouts. JT and I have changed our lives - we are hiking, biking, playing disc golf and much more for fun - but those will be "extras" for me from now on and I am going to do additional workouts at times that are more convenient to my schedule.

Eating is still easy. JT is a great cook and he is dedicated and motivated as well (thank God) so he has been cooking us delicious and healthy meals.

We're still not 100% sure about our "going back to Texas" schedule, but by the end of summer (Sept. 1) I will be at 150 and 145 by Sept. 24 (the date of our Beach Palooza).

Well, I have an early morning if I plan to get up and run. Thanks for reading and I will do better about writing! :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

I am a Warrior!!!!

I had the dash this weekend!

This dash was a lot harder than I expected. I really thought Texas was difficult, but I was pretty out of shape when we ran so I thought for this race I'd SMOKE it! My goal was to finish in 29 minutes and BOY was that a JOKE! lol. This dash was a lot different and A LOT harder! The video I posted doesn't even begin to show the difficulty of the course... but you can see several people (who look seemingly in shape) walking ... that should tell you something. Also, the fact that I finished in 35:52 and was in the top 20% of finishers (maybe 22%... but up there) should also tell you something!

Here are my stats
Place - 1816 out of 9782 (They place you with the day you ran - this was for Sunday)
Place in age group - 66
Time- 35:54.60

Rhonda and me after the race! Look at those GUNS! 
Just looked up Saturday and if I would have run that day I would have placed 2844 out of 9836 so if I add all the people that finished before me for both days I finished 4658 out of 19708! Not too shabby!

I am pretty stoked. I can't believe how well I did compared to so many others. I don't mean to be crappy about it - but I just felt like I was dying going up those hills, but I kept pushing myself because I wanted to do well and it really paid of. Honestly, the ONLY thing that would have made the day better was JT being there. He would have finished that thing so quick and been in the top 10%! He's gonna ROCK Tough Mudder in October!
My girl Rhonda came with me and ran it (she finished in like 29 minutes... she's a freaking BEAST) Kristy and Yvonne and Rob and several others also came and we all met up and started together! So much fun! They all finished and did great!

Gonna keep on keeping on and get stronger, better, faster and stronger...

OH ps... guess who is heading my way....

JT!!!!! HE HEADS THIS WAY TOMORROW! Life is so freaking amazing. <3

Kristy donated her shoes! I had to protect her little feet from the stones! lol!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serious Burn

I had my most difficult run yet yesterday... Intervals!

I talked to JT and together we determined I would aim for an 8:30 mile. That meant my lap time had to be around 2:07. I would run my lap on pace, rest for 45 seconds and then run another lap on pace. I did that 5 times. Before I did that though, I ran an easy mile with a pace of 9:55 and when I finished by 5 laps, I ran another easy 1.75 miles to finish my day with 4 miles all together.

My split times on my laps were
1. 2:05
2. 2:01
3. 1:58
4. 2:04
5. 2:05

So I did ok all together. A little to fast on lap 3 - but overall pretty close to pace. I finished my final 1.75 miles in 18:33. I feel great about my overall time and run and really feel like I pushed myself. I also ended up burning 4606 calories. IN-FREAKING-SANE! I can't even believe I burned that many calories... I don't even know if that is correct... I am thinking it is broken lol.

I decided to take today off. Lifting Tuesday made me really sore and after last nights run and a full day of work I decided I would hold off on my 2nd lifting session until tomorrow. :) Then, I'll take Saturday off and Sunday is my Warrior Dash! I can't wait! I had SO much fun the last time!

Hope everyone else is on target! I will have a more substantial check in tomorrow!