Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crossfit can have my babies

Seriously... Why the hell have I ever been doing anything else to get in shape?

What is crossfit do you ask?

It is amazing. It is the first time I've ever felt like my workouts have practical application in my life. JT started a month ago and has already seen VERY noticeable and favorable results. I started wednesday and although I don't see any results yet, I feel AMAZING (although, exceptionally sore! haha)

To all of you crossfitters out there who have been preaching it for a while - I am a believer and you can say I TOLD YOU so!!
Now, before any of you go out and join a random crossfit gym, I will say that the gym we found was after JT did EXTENSIVE research- He asked a friend (Johnny) who is an expert for a couple of tips and he researched what was important to us and found the perfect fit for us. Crossfit is more than a workout - it is a camaraderie that I can only compare to a VERY tight nit athletic team or the military - so if you pick the wrong gym, you pick the wrong people to be with. IN addition, some people are in it for the money rather than the fitness - crossfit can be expensive - like JT says "It is the perfect balance between having a trainer and going to the gym" so its more expensive than just going to the gym but less expensive than paying for a trainer (in some cases... some gyms charge a LOT!) So, it is important to find a gym that is well rounded and where the owners or leaders are fit and do the workouts and will scale you and work with you.

Besides crossfit the last few weeks have been crazy. I finished my play AND we finished our weight loss competition in my department (that I put together.) After all was said and done, the 24 participants who went start to finish (including myself) lost a total of 176.5 lbs. I would say that is a hell of an accomplishment. Personally, I started and ended at the exact same weight... but, as always, I can only go up from here and I am SO happy I didn't gain! (we only had TWO people who did!) We also kicked off our next challenge called "Freeze the Gain." We weighed in anyone who wanted to participate and the goal is to either maintain your current weight or lose weight in the next three months. We will have ONE weigh in on July 3 and anyone who does one of those things will be put in a drawing for some awesome prizes (rangers tickets, cowboys tickets, amusement park tickets... anything we can get our hands on basically.)

Im also in the midst of switching jobs so things have been insanely busy and crazy at work besides our challenge!  I am SO excited though and finally feel like I am going to be utilized for my talents. (and paid for them! haha)

Life is SO SO great. Are you living yours to its fullest? I sure as heck am! <3 <3 If you're not, now is a great time to start!!!

Thanks for reading - Ill try to do better about writing more! haahaha