Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well - I wasnt going to post tonight because im in a bit of the funk... well - not a funk really I am just feeling bleah today because its that time of the month and I had a terrible migraine last night and ended up waking up WAY late this morning lol.

Also - I went to try on some new pants so I have SOMETHING to wear besides stretch or workout pants and it sucks because I couldnt find any... they were all too big in the waist and tight in the thighs. Blast my thunder thighs. haha

Actually - i should be more positive, the day wasnt that bad at all. Its just so hard to keep things in perspective sometimes. My poor mom had an abscess in her tooth all weekend and had to get it pulled today and I am complaining about waking up late this morning.

JT and I decided we will be cooking at home the rest of the week. We are also going to start making some MAJOR home improvements, including framing in our garage area so we can move our workout room out there and bring our living room furniture back lol. It will also add some storage space to the house which we DESPERATELY need. That should burn tons of calories in addition to my work outs. Today I took a rest day because of my 3 hour practice yesterday and still managed to burn 2500 calories. This is going to be a really good weigh in week. (i know I keep saying that, but Ive burned A LOT of calories already this week!)

Well besides all of that I have a softball tournament this weekend. I cant wait!

Thanks for reading! <3


  1. Heather - I've got a miracle product for you. It's called the Diva Cup. It's an alternative to tampons and pads, and I've been using it for almost a year now, and I swear by it! It's a silicone cup that you insert and it basically catches the blood - and you just empty it out about twice a day - no strings, no bulk, and it's reusable. Just wash with soap and water between uses, and I boil it for 5 minutes after my cycle and store it wrapped in a paper towel between cycles. Since it doesn't "blot" your blood like tampons, the blood free flows out, but it's not messy like pads, and my periods are only 3 DAYS LONG now!!! It's awesome. AWESOME!!! they are expensive in health food stores (around $40) but if you order from organicpharmacy.org they are $20. You would need Model 1 - for women under 30 who haven't had a child. Anyway, I think tampons are so uncomfortable compared to the cup now! Let me know if you check it out! You'd love it!!!

  2. Awesome! Thanks Mel! The girls in my email group have talked about that a few times but I am usually just skimming so I miss the finer details sometimes! I will definitely check it out! and thanks for that web site! You have so many great resources to share! I appreciate it so much! Oh and I bought one of those little princess constumes you recommended on facebook the other day for my niece - she is going to love it. :) Anyways, I will order one today! <3

  3. hahaha that is SO funny, because I JUST ordered a diva cup. Literally, it came in the mail yesterday! I find it a little disturbing that I am actually kind of looking *forward* to my next cycle so I can try it out. hahaha.

  4. You girls are too funny. Yeah, the Diva Cup is so easy. Seriously, twice a day is usually good enough to change it. And in between, you never even think of it!!! I'm glad you like my resources Heather - I guess I've done a lot of research (aka web surfing) and I love to share what I find!!!