Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eating Matters

Important message today.

Eating has a huge impact on weight loss goals. I know that is something most of us think we already know, but the truth is, most people think if they work out still they will see results. And, you may, but they will not be a significant as they would if you could work out and eat right.

Think about it this way - it takes lets say 30 mins to burn 300 cals (hypothetically) if you eat a candy bar at 220 cals - you've already undone your weight loss effort. You have to burn 3500 cals to lose ONE pound a week - so eating your exercise cals back every day isn't getting you to your goal because its undoing the work for you. I know a lot of the problem for me at least is emotional eating - its something I find myself doing constantly. I found an article that may be helpful about emotional eating-

A really great book to explain how our bodies process food - why diet is so important and the evils of high fructose corn syrup (yes ladies and gentlemen... the commercials are BS) is the "ABS Diet." I definitely suggest picking it up. It will open your eyes.

I had a nutritionist tell me at one point that 90 percent of weight loss is diet and Ive never seen the results I am seeing now before because Ive never been as aware of what I am putting into my mouth.

I didn't mean to get off in a tangent or anything, I just wanted to put that out there because I think its so important. And its not just calories either - fat vs carbs and protein matters too. If you're eating 1500 cals a day and 900 are candy then you're still defeating yourself because our bodies need a balance.

As far as I go - I had a great day eating wise and workout wise. I ate light for most of the day and had bison steaks for dinner - they were SO good... as good if not better than regular steaks and they are SO healthy for you its crazy. Plus, although they are a bit expensive, so is red meat so that will be what we buy from now on I think. I also played softball today which felt great. Well, I did the batting cages but it was a hell of a workout! haha. My abs are killing me.

Also, I was 168 this morning... too bad my weigh in days aren't Saturday lol! haha Maybe I'll see some good results this coming Friday. I can also see in my every day life that my body is changing drastically now. So, with frustration (no weight loss this week) I can see the overall picture, which is so important. :)

thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Girl I feel the same way! Richard and I are having turkey burgers tonight with the oreida fries as a side, and you're right about how low in points they are!! We also made some pigs in the blanket with the lit'l smokies but made out of TURKEY!! and the reduced fat crescent rolls. I think it's like 3 points for four, which isn't bad since one pig is worth 3 points. So it'll be a good little snack to go! But I completely agree with you on the diet being the most important! Though I still need to make exercising move up on the list! Thanks for the article!