Friday, February 26, 2010

Weigh In! Woot!

Well ladies and gentlemen - awesome day.

I had my weigh in today and was down another lb. 167.6 was the official weigh in so I am officially down 10.1 lbs. In addition to that I measured my body fat today and its 26.6 - down from34%!!!!! And finally, I did my measurements today and I am down 4.5 inches! I am SO pleased with my progress. I know its not as quick as I hoped it would be weight loss wise, but based on my body fat percentage loss I'd say im accomplishing my goal of HEALTH! :)

SOOO overall VERY good day! I did however have a cheat meal tonight! ah! It was pretty good! BLT and fries at a local burger joint. :) It was a fun! JT had the chili dog and it was good too. He is down 10 lbs. officially too after today's weigh in. :)

My softball tournament for tomorrow was canceled due to the rain we've had here so instead, JT and I are going to work on the house - make ourselves a healthy "ihop" like breakfast and play some disc golf! :) Its supposed to be a very nice day so disc golf should be something we can do! Besides that I have to really buckle down and read a few books for my adolescent literature class! Im falling behind!

I am also looking forward to biggest loser coming back. I've REALLY enjoyed the Olympics, but I wish they wouldn't have canceled my show!

See you all tomorrow! thank you for reading and I'd still LOVE opinions on body image if anyone has them! Thanks Chelsea and Terrina for sharing yours! <3

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