Monday, February 8, 2010

Go Saints!

Great weekend and great Monday!

JT and I had a fun and productive weekend! We got a lot done around the house, did lots of homework, watched the game and caught up on Lost and just relaxed in general! It was wonderful! We did have a cheat meal which continues to satiate those cravings for bad things (although they really come so less often than they used to!) We had wingstop again lol! Thats the third cheat meal we've had and all three times its been wingstop! haha

Today I had some girlfriends over (chelsea and bev) and we did the Kymbo P90X workout. I was being ridiculous and complaining how stupid it was the whole time because I couldn't "feel" it well enough but the truth is I burned SO many calories! haha Im glad we finished the DVD too because I was really wanting to move on right there in the middle. That is the nice thing about working out with friends - they make you continue because otherwise you'd be letting THEM down too, not just yourself!

For dinner tonight we had a lean pocket and soup. haha. JT was exhausted from school all day and we all know how my cooking escapades usually go. Tomorrow is our long day at school but JT really has an itch to start cooking again - I hope he itches to cook tomorrow so I can show it off (and eat it!) We also have lost and biggest loser to watch tomorrow AND its my long day at school (well one of them!) But I WILL find time for a workout. :) Then Wednesday we are going to dinner with a dear friend (Jennifer) so I am really looking foward to that too! This is going to be SUCH a good week! :)

Not a lot else going on. I am trying to decide what goals I can set for myself for this week. In addition to weight loss goals (which are sometimes overshot) I would like to make weekly goals as well so I can stay focused... maybe a certain calorie burn for the week? Better water intake? Does anyone have any suggestions? One goal that I would like to achieve overall, is a better understanding of supplements and how they help or hurt my body. I have been researching that on but still dont feel like I have a grasp on it (there are just so many supplements!) If you dont have an account already, is a great resource. They have a section with lots of helpful weightloss articles and such, recipes, workouts etc... They also have a motivation area where you can see how far some people have come. :)

well thats all tonight! Thank you for reading! <3


  1. Heather, seriously, go onto Facebook, and ask Chris a barrage of questions - he's got SO MUCH knowledge about supplements. He basically lives on coffee, supplements, and one good dinner a night! haha, no but really, he's done SO Much research, and he's weeded through a lot of junk-supplements, and seems to have really found a handful that he's faithful to. So, that's your assignment - talk to Chris!!! :)

  2. Well girl, once you find out, pass that info on girl! I'm at a loss when it comes to that stuff too! And I'm not so good at the researching! Congrats on stickin to the video! It was pretty difficult, for me anyways :), and just finishing it says really good things about your dedication! I think I found an article you might find interesting about why we eat, if you haven't already seen it or something like it! Keep up the good work girl!

  3. Heather, what kinds of supplements are you looking for? Chris wants to know so he can give some advise - weight loss, pre-workout, post-workout recovery, something to make you feel more focused and energized throughout your workout....are you trying to cut out caffeine? A lot of supplements contain caffeine. Anyway, let me know what you're looking for, and Chris will send his advice!!

  4. Well - I am looking for a good blend for overall health. Like, what is his opinion on B12, Chromium Plicate (sp), CoQ10, should I take fish oil or flaxseed oil? Which vitamin is the best? What can I take to ramp up for a workout? Is there ONE thing I should absolutely take?

  5. Ok - I've got Chris here with's the verdict...B12 is great, Chromium Picolinate has been linked to cancer - I did a huge report on it once...CoQ10 is really good for your skin. I prefer flaxseed oil, because you don't run the risk of getting "fish burps." But over the flaxseed oil capsules, I actually prefer adding ground flaxseed to my yogurt or pancakes or muffins or cereal, because you get the oil, as well as the fiber - which also helps with weight loss, and filtering out wastes. My doctor once told me that regular prenatal vitamins are the mac-daddy of vitamins, so I stick with those! And Chris swears by the pre-workout supplement Jack3d.

  6. THank you so much. I love you Mel <3 <3 I stopped taking the Chromium a while ago because there was a lot of contradictory research out and I wasn't sure. I really appreciate your time and am SO glad to hear Chris is back!!!