Tuesday, February 9, 2010

being a loser isn't so bad! :)

Great day on the motivation scale. Besides of course getting into a fight on facebook (again.)

The other day was a fair argument, I won't get into that because it doesn't relate here ... however, today's fight really really really pissed me off (yes three really's... thats how mad I am!). I actually got into a fight with someone because they think Obama signing an executive order to combat childhood obesity was a waste of his time because it should be spent on Iran relations etc... It was like um... ARE YOU KIDDING!? I can't describe how ignorant I feel this person is right now and it saddens me that someone could think protecting our Americans and actually TEACHING them the importance of nutrition, providing healthy lunches at school for kids etc... is a waste of the president's time. You'd think, with all of this health care debate, someone would consider the fact that more than 50% of our population being obese could be part of the problem! And worst of all, is the fact that healthy food options are not available to SO many americans because healthy food is expensive. A person on a budget can go buy a damn double cheeseburger for a dollar, one of those little warm up pizzas with 20grams of saturated fat for 77 cents but can't buy produce for less than 1.99 a lb. Someone please tell me how this is right? I don't always agree with the Obama administration, but I do appreciate this and will support his in this completely. Here are some interesting articles so you all can educate yourselves on the initiative and shut stupid people up!



Ok, enough of that. :) I am personally feeling good because I am educating myself! (and you all are helping to educate me - thank you SO much for all of your comments, encouragement and feedback!)

Oh and forgive me please for the vulgarity... thats a goal I need to make... cleaning up my potty mouth!

I can't wait to make this goal - I am 100% getting my personal trainer license. I need more control to help people because truly, helping people, or at least feeling like I help/motivate people makes me enjoy life. I want to help people feel good about themselves - to know that they are beautiful no matter what size they are, that losing weight is more important than just looking good, its about being healthy. I want to help people feel that by gaining control of their diet, and body that they can reach their potential. <3


  1. I am SO with you on this Heather! You're totally right about the whole heath of our nation thing. It's disgusting. It was never so evident to me as when I cam back from Japan. I felt HUGE compared to all these Japanese people, and I was a size 8 at the time!!!! In the airport when we got back, I couldn't believe how huge people were, and I didn't feel so bad about myself!!! Now, a year and a half later, I'm a size 10. It's ABSOLUTELY related to our society! You're doing so great! Keep it up darling!!!

  2. Hey Heather! Great job, keep up the great work!

    RYC on my page, I've just read a LOT of stuff (especially from Michael Pollan, but other sources too) that really just blow the lid off the whole "low-fat" ideology. Eating something that is "low fat" or "fat free" (especially if its not NATURALLY supposed to be low fat or fat free, be it dairy or anything) means it has been processed and altered in such a way that it is no longer real "food" but rather a "food-like substance." I really recommend you going out and getting Michael Pollan's 'In Defense of Food' book, he really debunks the whole 'Western Diet' and really promotes eating REAL foods. Its not a "diet book" perse, but rather a study on the evolution of our diet and the rise of "Nutritionism." Its really made me think twice about the validity of health-claims made by any type of processed food, or even any commercially produced food for that matter.

    And also you were saying above that most Americans can't afford to eat healthy. Did you know that right now, Americans spend less on food than in any culture anywhere? We spend, on average, less than 10% of our income on food. Down from 24% in 1947. And also there is a reason all that crap food is so cheap, due to government subsidation on corn, soy, etc. Here are a few good articles: