Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long snowy day

Weigh in day tomorrow.

Its been a busy week but Ive had a lot of good workouts and I ate pretty well. I still don't think Im doing as much as I can though. I feel like I need to continue to ramp up my workouts until I am yielding a much higher calorie burn. I do however, feel like I am getting stronger which is a nice feeling!

As you can see on the left, JT made a wonderful dinner this evening. We had three cheese stuffed spinach ravioli, homemade tomato sauce and chicken sausage. It was so good. mmmmmm!

We're watching ironchef right now... its chocolate throwdown of course... ugh. I want some darn chocolate now. haha :) I will resist!

alright - i will be here tomorrow and I WILL check in with my weight! here's hoping!

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