Sunday, January 31, 2010

Im sweaty....

Lol - that is a special tribute to my beautiful friend Nikki - its too bad she doesn't read this because she would probably pee herself.

But seriously, I am sweaty... well I was but I showered real quick. I just did my first P90X and WOW! I feel great! I also did 12 minutes afterward on the elliptical! I burned 500 cals before I took off my HRM!!!! JT and I also went to dinner with my friend Chelsea and her husband at Olive Garden this evening and we both made great choices. We skipped salad with the dressing already on for soup and I had mussels and two orders of side veggies (broccoli and asparagus!) I also had diet coke rather than wine tonight - even though I REALLY wanted wine! lol! JT had a tomato pasta dish with grilled chicken on top. :)

No big plans for tomorrow except working out and homework (for both of us!) I also have to go to Walmart for socks and undies lol! (JT has a slight obsession with socks so I am sure he'll be happy to go and pick up a few packs for himself lol!) Im also hoping it warms up a little so we can go on a darn bike ride! It has been FREEZING here! (for Texas at least! lol)

anyways - Today's article!!!

Eating on the Go

With the average American eating one meal a day away from home, it’s critical to learn to make healthy choices when on the go. With careful thought and some planning, you can eat out and stay on the right road to your weight loss goal.

Make Educated Decisions

Restaurant foods are known for their hidden fat and calories. Just one teaspoon of oil or lard adds 45 calories of pure fat to your meal. An extra 50 calories a day of hidden fat in a restaurant meal can result in a five-pound weight gain over the course of one year! That’s why it’s so important to use the nutritional information on menus, websites and pamphlets. These resources provide calorie totals which can help you decide what items to eat while still maintaining your target calorie deficit. Many restaurants have “healthy” items that are lower in fat and total calories, and choosing these items may make it easier to hit your target calorie deficit.

Tips for Eating Out

Use these tips to stay on track while eating on the go:

● Always ask how the food is prepared. To cut calories, request that items be grilled, baked or broiled.
● Avoid buffets and all-you-can-eat restaurants. Research shows that people tend to eat more when there’s more food available. Also, restaurants add extra fat to various items to help food retain its taste.
● Ask for sauces, cheese and salad dressing on the side so you can control the amount you eat.
● Replace French fries, onion rings, casserole side dishes and creamy or cheese soups with steamed rice, a baked potato, a broth-based soup, corn, beans, fresh fruit or a side salad.
● Order bread, toast, sandwiches or rolls dry and add your own condiments (butter, mayonnaise, etc.) to control the quantity.
● Split entrees and large portions of meat when servings are especially large. If you’re dining alone, ask for a box right away and package the extra food to take home.
● Order extra vegetables with your entree.
● Instead of an omelet with cheese, try an egg white omelet with flavorful vegetables such as onions, mushrooms, green peppers and/or tomatoes.
● Choose chicken, turkey or fish instead of fatty beef, hamburgers, pork or lamb.
● Avoid alcohol’s empty calories. If you choose to drink, opt for light beer and wine spritzers rather than frozen fruit drinks, liquors and creamy after-dinner drinks.
● Pick restaurants that provide nutritional information.

Ways to Avoid Fast Food

The key to staying out of the drive-through or vending machine is being prepared. When we wait too long to eat, appetite can overshadow our ability to make sensible choices. Keep your meal replacements (a.k.a. Apex Fitness Fast Foods) such as bars, crisps, protein cookies and shakes in your car, gym bag, desk or purse. These items can help you accomplish three critical components of weight control: 1) portion control; 2) balanced meals and 3) regular meals. Studies demonstrate that consuming foods from your normal diet AND incorporating meal replacements leads to greater weight loss than traditional calorie restricting diets.

Focus on the Big Picture

Keep in mind that indulging in your favorite foods won’t necessarily prevent you from reaching your goal. The bodybugg system gives you tremendous flexibility - if you miss your target calorie deficit one day, you can make it up over the next day or so by eating less and/or moving more.
Remember that when it comes to weight loss, it’s not what you eat, it’s how much you eat that determines your success. In other words, you can eat what you want and still reach your goal as long as you maintain, on average, your calorie deficit.

Hope this is helpful for everyone! Thank you for your support as always and next week WE WILL BE IN THE 160s!!! WOOT! haha :) :)


  1. Yay for the 160's!!! I'm right behind you, I was 172.5 this morning! Hey how come you don't have your body bugg anymore?

  2. Ha the I'm sweaty caught my eye!