Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wish I would re-dedicate myself to writing

I really need to! Especially since Im super popular with 17 followers! Thanks guys!

So today was so awesome! I ran, lifted, worked and ate very well! I feel great and sore and remember finally how much I LOVE working out. Its so motivating and really makes me feel good about myself.

The last few weeks have been interesting - we've started recycling, have been seriously checking the ingredients in everything we put into our mouths (NO HFCS or HYDROGENATED crap!)And its so awesome! Now If I could just get the scale to budge haha.

The last few weeks have been pretty invalid weight loss wise. Ive pretty much just stayed in the low 170s. If I can be in the 160's this week after actually working ill be happy. I wish I would have been more serious this month with my efforts because my GFs and I are doing a "biggest loser" competition. Unfortunately noone in the group has made much progress and I feel like if I would have worked harder I may have inspired them to do better too.

I still ask myself everyday why it is so hard to get motivated. I know what I have to do, I know how I am SUPPOSED to feel, but I have SUCH a hard time :( When do you get to a point where its easy? Because I would really like to be there lol! I have my bahamas trip to Gina's wedding coming up and ill be damned if im not in a bakini (and looking good! haha)

hope everyone else's journey is going well. Please share any new info you've found and let me know how you're doing! <3 Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Biggest Loser inspired check in

enjoyed the show a lot tonight so I figured I should probably check in.

My weigh in yesterday didn't go as well as I hoped after my crazy amounts of exercise last week. In fact, I gained weight. But oh well. new week - hopefully Ill see better results then.

Life in general is extremely stressful due to some personal family issues so I am constantly starving and wanting to shove my face. I hate that food is what I want to turn to. Why can't I want to turn to the tread mill or something lol? Luckily Ive held off thus far... and I am strong - but stress always makes me weak! ahhh!

We're off of school right now so we'll be working out more and doing house work as well. that always helps kick start our efforts because we feel great and productive and want to continue in other areas of our lives.

Ok - bed time for me. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

check in

Well - I think Im going to have to commit to writing only once or twice a week. As much as I'd like to write daily, its difficult for me. I would like to check in at night after the day is over and reflect... but sometimes im just too tired and pooped out and just don't feel like I have enough to say, so I guess we will take it from here and see what happens! lol.

I started a new job this week. It will be AMAZING for my weight loss efforts. I am working at a restaurant called "Jakes Tyler." It is a fine dining establishment and absolutely one of the best in town. The building is set up in such a way that there is no avoiding the exercise lol! There are 4 levels. The "cellar" level is also the same level as the kitchen. Then there is a bar/dining room which is semi-formal, then an atrium level that is quite formal and the final level is the rooftop, it is called Cheveta. In order to get the food from said cellar to your floor you have to go down the stairs when you are "buzzed" with a little beeper and pick your food up and carry your butt up the stairs to your floor. This is also the case for drinks and anything else you might need. Therefore, I have literally done 100's of flights of stairs and stood for more than 25 hours so far this week. There is NO way I will not lose weight. And if I don't i have a medical issue because the amount of calories I am burning has to be SO high. I am going to wear my bodybugg tomorrow... ill let you all know. :)

On a different note we've pretty much completed our change to whole foods. We no longer have food in the house that has HFCS or aspartame etc... in it. My goals this week aare to drink less alcohol (ive been drinking A LOT lately.) and to drink more water. I also hope to lift a little too - i really need to build some muscle. (and I need to be more disciplined... i feel like I have more of a schedule in my life when i commit to working out.)

I really love the new job, school is done for a couple of weeks (and I think I got all A's.) And I just feel great in general. I hope this continues and I am able to make a lot of progress. :)

Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't even think many people are still reading this, but thats ok - figured I should still keep up with posting because it does keep me on track.

I ran the warrior dash on sunday - OMG so fun! JT and I decided we are going to try to run some sort of event every couple of months at least. There is one coming up in June and one in August! :) :)

I finished the run in 35 mins and considering it was 3.5 miles and had 11 obstacles I feel really good about that time. I think I could have gone even faster if I had been wearing cleats and better clothes - my shorts were too loose and almost feel off several times.

I started my biggest loser challenge last monday at 174 (so sad I know...) but I was 171.4 this morning! :) :) And after doing our run I am feeling better than ever! :) I know I keep saying that... lol but I really do feel great!

I also start my new waitressing job tomorrow- I think it will also help with my weight loss effort since Ill be on my feet and walking around a lot more for several hours a day. OH and I also got a pair of Vibrams!!! WOO HOO! They are So awesome! Mine had a manufacturer defect so Ill have to switch them out Friday but I wore them for a few hours today and LOVE them! I can't wait to go for a run in them. If you don't know what they are here is a link -

thats all for tonight - Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Race Day Tomorrow!

Although we are probably unprepared and in for a sore body - our big race day is tomorrow! WOO HOO!

We spent today on the farm doing chore's with Jt's parents - that in itself was a pretty good workout so i am feeling pretty good. :)

I hope everyone else is making good choices this weekend - I will check in tomorrow or monday with our race results!! <3