Friday, February 5, 2010

Weigh in is a comin!

Good day today!

I had school ALL day - but running around to all of my crazy classes helped me burn my 2600 cals no problem! I also had a great lunch of chargrilled chicken from chick-fil-a courtesy of my dear friend Chelsea! :) <3 <3 Also, JT and I have spent the evening relaxing together which I always love. Who could ask for more!

Tomorrow will be a good weigh in. I already know. I said this would include the good the bad and the ugly so although this may be TMI, I am going to share. :P I have been really stopped up the last week (seriously... its been miserable) but I am finally back to normal and I know that is going to make a huge difference in addition to all of my hard work and healthy eating this week.

I know this is a short blog today, but I will check in early tomorrow to report my weigh in and make a good post! <3 Thanks for reading!

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