Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love Wednesdays!

Productive day today!

Im feeling good too! Although, I have a feeling I am not going to see much weight loss this week. I haven't cheated and weighed in early but I am feeling a bit bloated :( oh well. Its the end result right?

Beverly came over to workout today and we did core - it was HARD. My tip for the day is that whenever you're doing ANY chores (unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry etc...) engage your core the whole time - its a great way to get a work out in for free!

Something I've noticed too is that its INSANE how many calories you can burn just by walking! on the days I have classes and have to walk between them or JT and I go shopping etc... I burn SO many more calories. Its pretty awesome.


After further review, the wendy's hamburgers I suggested the other day aren't as good a choice as I thought. In fact, its much worse, so don't eat it! Im sorry for misinforming you all. And that is a good thing to keep in mind - always double and triple check caloric information on fast food items because WHAT a disappointment to think you're doing good and making good decisions and finding out later you're not! :( ugh. Good news though! Chick - Fil- A chargrilled chix sandwich was accurate and its great for you! :) :)

I know this is a short one - just wanted to take a minute to check in! Thanks for reading! <3

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