Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The huger gods are punishing me today!

I am starving. Just saying.

But anyways I had a great day. JT and I had our massages this morning (HEAVENLY) and then I went to a weight watchers meeting with my friend Chelsea. (more on that later.) THEN - I came home and Beverly and I did plyometrics day on P90X... omg. We could only do 30 minutes because it was so damn hard. haha. I feel great though!

OH and great news! My bodybugg came today finally! Curse it for breaking on me and making me go without for two weeks!

I have eaten too many calories today for my 1350 goal, but I am taking that as my body needs more today. I have made all good choices so I know eating a couple more cals is not a big deal. It is so important to listen to your body in my opinion - otherwise its too easy for your stomach to take over and make you eat everything terrible in site! lol!

So weight watchers was good today. It was so funny- Chelsea and I were talking about motivation and decisions beforehand and it just happens today's meeting was about motivation lol! I could totally see myself being the leader of a class like that for people who need a little help staying on track and a little information and encouragement. I think weight watchers is a great option for some people. Especially people who need to be held accountable and who need a little guidance on how to pick food and get the most out of their consumption nutrition wise. It isn't something I will pay to do weekly because I feel like I am doing great as I am - however, I think it is a great program that helps a lot of people. They have rewards for milestones and they really try to give people credit for what they do right rather than what they do wrong, which I think is important.

Tomorrow is my long day at school but Beverly is going to come over at 730 AM for yoga... ugh. haha I sure hope I can get my lazy butt out of bed! haha (those of you who know me know this is highly unlikely...) Then I will be late for class as usual and spend my day learning! But what a GREAT way to start the day! P90X yoga!

Thank you as always for reading! <3 Weigh in day is a coming! <3

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