Friday, February 19, 2010

weigh in - only a couple of hours away!

Only a few hours to see my new weight! :)

Today was great! I had school all day and met my calorie burn by walking around campus. I took healthy snacks and lunch and didn't fall prey to the vending machine blues! :)

Ive also been doing much better taking my vitamins which makes me feel like I am accomplishing something every day. Also, I am cooking much better lately too! I made fajitas this week (JT can't get enough of them) and breakfast one day and Voila last night! I feel proud that I am actually cooking a bit and not leaving it all on poor JT!

In addition to fitting in to my shirt the other day, JT and I decided (mostly him) that it is time to get me a new pair of jeans - mine are LITERALLY FALLING OFF haha. I look like im trying to sag! :) He is fitting back into his darn skinny jeans already too! haha :) I wish my progress was as extreme as his but as Ive said 100 times I AM feeling SO much better in general.

Can't wait to check in with my weight! <3 See you all in the AM! (FOR SURE THIS TIME!)

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  1. Girl you better post your weight this morning!! I always wait for you to post then about noon there's nothing and I have to text you! you keep me waiting and that's not very nice of you! I'm glad you're getting some new jeans! I can't wait till I have to go get some more myself!!! Good luck on weigh in!! Can't wait to see what you're down to!