Friday, February 19, 2010

weigh in results

Down another lb. this week! 168!!!

Im feeling good! Can't wait to see a TWO pound weight loss in a week! haha! :)

Today was such a good day. JT and I went to visit his parents and their goat had BABIES! THey were SOOO cute and we burned a few calories trying to help with that fiasco (feeding, shoveling, raking etc...) and I got to play with the babies! :) Then we had our cheat meal this evening (mexican food!) it was good. :)

Tomorrow we are going to play disc gold in the morning and we have a lot to do around the house :)

see you all tomorrow! <3


  1. Heather, I responded to your supplements question under "Go Saints"! :)

  2. Thanks girl! I thanked you down there too lol but just wanted to post it up here too! The information is very much needed and appreciated! <3 Please thank Chris for me too! <3 Glad to hear he is home!