Friday, January 15, 2010

Hard work, AWESOME results!

Well today was weigh-in day and I have GREAT news! I am down 5 lbs.!!! I was 172 this morning! Even better news is that JT also lost 5 lbs! We are moving in the right direction!!!!! I have less than 30 lbs. to lose now!

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the weigh in this morning because I don't feel like I've completely ramped up like I plan to. I worked out 4 times officially in that week and none of them were very strenuous! Once we finally get that darn elliptical set up and I can actually do cardio twice a day I bet I'll see even better results!

I am also surprised how good at-home exercise videos are. I did tae bo last night like I said and got an OK workout in, but today Beverly came over and we did a weight lifting workout that she had and it was very difficult/rewarding. I know I am going to be SOOO sore tomorrow! lol!

The only true hang-up I've had so far is back pain. I am not supposed to run because I have protruding disks. Due to being overweight, running would jossle me a bit too much, however, even doing leg lifts made it sore - to the point that I could barely stand it. Does anyone have any low-impact workout suggestions that would be pretty demanding? I was thinking palates but I have never done them and am not sure what to expect. It isn't something that will hold me back from being active, but I am scared to seriously injure my back because I am still pretty weak muscle wise back there and again, I have excess weight still. Once I drop the weight and build some more muscle I think I'll be fine to run, do leg lifts etc...

Sorry to say I didn't keep my word and do measurements this morning but I will get around to it eventually!

On a different note, tomorrow should be an interesting challenge. JT and I are going to dinner with his parents (and to see the Wizard of Oz at Cowen Center Jennifer!) and it has been determined that we will do Italian or Asian. I am trying to think of healthy options besides Salad I can eat. Both places are locally owned so I can't get nutritional info for them. I plan to have a glass of red wine, but besides that i have no clue! Any suggestions? I could REALLY use some help!

I made dinner tonight and it wasn't very good so I am not going to post pics lol. :) I tried to make turkey melts on wheat buns but I burnt the bun and didn't leave them in the oven long enough to "melt" haha I figure I must have had the temp too high. Oh well, i tried and I think JT appreciated the break from cooking (he even choked down the dinner and said it was pretty good... haha).

Ahhhh anyways - thanks again for the support this week! Those 5 lbs. were hard work, but completely doable! I am on target for my April goal! Next week I'll be in the 160's again! WOO HOO! <3


  1. Great work Heather, what an inspiration you are! When you go out to eat, if you do Asian, see if they can steam you some rice and veggies, and maybe add some shrimp? That could be pretty healthy and tasty! For Italian, they might have something on the menu that will surprise you. Stick with chicken or shrimp, ask if they have low wheat pasta. Even just ask the waiter if they ever make "healthy" dishes if a customer asks for one. Just remember, stay away from the cream and butter sauces! ; )

  2. Congrats!!! I am SO proud of you! You have way more self control than I ever could. This week was my first time back working out. I knocked 1:45 off of my run time by the second time I ran and my arms were sooo sore from pushups (sadly I was even doing them on my knees bc my arms are so weak) :(. I LOVE reading this everyday and sharing the journey with you. I can't wait to see pics of my beautiful sister! :)

  3. Hey heather, youre doing awesome! I have back pain too- like all the time. Honestly, on days that its hurting, I really only do the elliptical machine and i skip any situps or other weights i had planned. If you have access to a pool, you should try swimming. A friend of mine that used to do triathalons has the same disk issues as you and almost exclusively swims now. The one good thing I find is that the better shape im in, the less by back hurts.... so definitely make sure youre doing back excercises along with abs etc and the pain will probably be better :)

    Oh one more thing, i find my lower back hurts when my hamstrings are particularly tight, so stretch those babies out!