Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To lose is to GAIN!

Pretty good Tuesday after a long weekend!

Eating wise and workout wise the day was successful. I did cardio and for lifting did delts and abs. My back is still extremely sore so Im trying to figure out what I can and cant do. The yoga over the weekend was great, but I think it may have further irritated my back... i just don't know.

Watched biggest loser again tonight. It is always a big motivator for me because if they can work out as much as they do, I know I can!

So the usability of the gym is pretty high. There is plenty of room and with what we have, we can do just about everything except swim.. ha :) That would be awesome though wouldn't it! What id really love is to have is a hot tub in here!

Ok, I know this is short today, Ill have a lot more tomorrow!


  1. Hmm, the yoga might be great for strengthening back muscles, but if your back is hurting already, you might want to do it sloooowly. Aka not every day! Do you guys have access to a pool at all, like at the college? That might be the best place to do a lot of cardio in the beginning. I know it stinks because you have a nice gym, but just know it won't be forever. You've already lost a good chunk of weight, and if you keep up the hard work (which I know you will!) it will continue to melt off! Did your doctor or chiropractor recommend anything specific?

  2. Yeah... im going to start going to the pool as well as doing my routine here at the house (ie weights etc...) I found a workout that is made specifically for people with back injuries. But you're right, I should do some swimming too!