Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First day home

OH weight loss.

I don't know if I said this yet, but JT and I are actually doing this together. We both just weighed ourselves to see just how much damage we did over the last couple of weeks and I gained about 5 solid pounds... how disgusting!

I am so ready. Tomorrow I plan to go get my body fat tested and have an official weigh in at a gym. I plan to do that once a month so I can track my progress with no questions at all.

We got home this afternoon and immediately started coming up with some healthy dinner options for the next couple of days as well as snack ideas etc...We went to the store this evening to get that stuff and picked up an adjustable kettle bell and a mini trampoline that was on sale for 30 bucks at Walmart as well. I feel good to know we get to start fresh with healthy food in the house only! I am also SO excited about the trampoline! (this is it -

What we plan to do is completely change our living room into a gym. We don't really have company over ever so its just wasted space anyways and it will be SO hard to make excuses when the gym is right in the other room of our 950 sq. ft. house lol! We will be putting down this foam puzzle inter-locking matting to protect the floors and we already have an elliptical, a weight bench and free weights as well as various resistance bands and such. We also have access to the college gym which JT says is very nice.

Ok - that's its for today. I will check in tomorrow with my data from the weigh in/body fat test. Thanks for the support guys!


  1. Hey Heather! I am so supportive of this endeavor of yours - I think it's great, and I need to do something like this also. I have a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to heathy/lowfat swaps to make most recipes healthy...a GREAT recipe book is Cook Yourself Thin - the idea is that if you do nothing but cook these types of meals, you'll drop a dress size - the recipes are EASY and delicious - I particularly love the Chocolate Pavlova (SO EASY but SO IMPRESSIVE!!) and the Vanilla Cupcakes made with zucchini!!! Google "Cook Yourself Thin" and click on the first link...and you can get almost all the recipes that are in the cookbook - for FREE!!! :)

  2. Thanks Mel I will definitely check that out! Im not the chef in the house but JT is amazing and we often have AMAZING food that I know you'd appreciate because you're a great cook too!
    I figure I can take pictures of the food once its done and then post the recipe (depending on how it turns out of course!)
    And I also just reread what you wrote and the thing is FREE!!!! AWESOME! haha <3