Friday, January 8, 2010

Goals, working to achieve them

Great day today.

I am happy to report that day two went as well as day one in the eating department. JT and I even met Beverly and Daniel out for dinner at Applebees but we were both able to find healthy options and stick to them! I am so proud! Not only was the food low calorie, but it was satisfying as well - and I didn't feel like crap afterward! (as I often do after eating food high in fat... it just makes me feel sluggish!) AND we had a GREAT time with our friends!

We were also able to make a trip to the storage building with one of the couches and a few tables, the living room to gym transformation is really coming together. I'm hoping we can finish that up in the morning so we can get on with the workouts!!! We also decided today that we are going to de-junk our lives. Do you ever notice that you keep things around because you might use it "someday" or what if you NEED it in a pinch and you had just thrown it away the previous week? Then how would you feel? Well, I've decided I'd rather feel bad for 5 minutes for throwing something I needed once ever away than having it cluttering my house and stressing me out. We are such a society of "things" and I'm tired of having those things everywhere. haha.

So- I have been thinking about my goals and although I may add to it as time goes on I have some things to get started with.

I hope to get down to 144 lbs. and 18 percent body fat. I hope to reach that goal (at least the weight loss portion) by April 13, 2010. That would mean I'd have to lose 11 lbs. a month. Although that's a lofty goal, I think it is obtainable because I am changing my diet and exercise so radically. (and the people on biggest loser can lose 200 lbs. in 5 months... although unhealthy in my opinion on their parts I don't think 11 a month is pushing it on mine!)
Speaking of exercise - my goal is to exercise twice daily. Once upon waking up (that one will only be stretching and 25-30 mins of cardio) and once during the day or evening (this workout would be weights and a bit more cardio.) I am hoping to workout 6 days a week, 5 if I need an extra day of rest.
One of my main goals is to make this a lifestyle change rather than just a fad or a moment in time. I can give 1hour and 30 mins of my day to working out and I can eat better - it makes me FEEL better!
I want to drink at least 65 oz. of water daily
I want to really break my sweet addiction. Its something I struggle with greatly and if I can detox that craving out of my body maybe I can lose the constant need for sweets from my life

My long term goal from all of this is to become a personal trainer. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and its something I can only do if I am in great shape myself. I know I am a good motivator, I love helping people and get a lot out of it so I have decided I am going to do it. :) (i will give all of you free sessions once I get my certification!)

So far that is all I have but I think its a great starting point. (OH and I want to look SUPER hot in a bathing suit at Gina's wedding in the Bahamas in August!) Even if the goals don't happen in the time-frame I hope for, they will happen and that is all that matters - this isn't a race, it is a journey!

Ok - so my food for today is as follows
Breakfast - snickers marathon bar and coffee
snack-babybel and a serving of pretzels with peanut butter in them
lunch- packet of tuna with olive oil mayo and a diced pickle mixed in, a greek yogurt and a piece of string cheese
snack- apple and string cheese
dinner- grilled talapia with mango lime salsa served over pilaf rice with steamed broccoli (applebees rocks!) and a glass of Ecco Dimoni wine
snack- haven't had this one yet, but I'll probably have a glass of milk and some more pretzels or another greek yogurt with some granola

without my last snack I am at 1288 calories (isn't it amazing how much I ate and because its so low fat its only that many calories!) Oh and I did MUCH better on my water intake today!

Thats about it for tonight - but if you all have any suggestions for healthy snacks etc... please share them! That is the thing I have the hardest time with!


  1. I eat a lot of fruit for snacks, bananas are great because they pack a lot of carbs and potassium. Also apples with peanut butter, yogurt, baby carrots and other raw veggies with hummus. Those are all main staples of mine!

    I'm so proud of you, you're doing so great! : )

  2. My mom (the annoying picture of fitness) always makes sure to get some protein in each snack - it holds you over longer, AND it helps break the cycle of craving all the sugar in processed food! She always keeps raw almonds on her. The greek yogurt is great too. I find that cheese makes me feel sluggish, and when I completely remove it from my diet, I really don't miss it that much.

  3. your snacks seem pretty good- just make sure you get some protein in! Nuts and cheese are perrrrfect- almonds are the best, though walnuts are really really good for you. i make lowfat wheat or bran muffins sometimes to keep around for afternoon snacks. Vitamuffins are good, but you know about those :) Recently ive been eating low-fat graham crackers, which are at least made of wheat, AND delicious. Fiber one chocolate and oat bars-omg good. anyways, fiber and protein. yes.

  4. I have a great snack that's not that high in calories, but satisfies those freaking sweet tooth cravings!

    1 graham cracker
    1 serving fat free cool whip (I think it's 1T)
    1 strawberry - sliced

    Just pile them all together - it's pretty yummy!