Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keep on keeping on!

Such a great day.

First of all, I love school. I have such an awesome schedule - time wise and class wise this semester!

Just to share, I have really been going out of my way to focus on the positive things in my life rather than the negative so I can continue this weight-loss effort stress free. I find when I am stressed, things don't go as well for me. AND I am still 110% on track! Not a single slip-up that wasn't planned for! (cheat meal two weeks ago)

I feel great! I just got done working out and JT and I also went on a bike ride earlier today which felt great! JT found a running partner too, which makes me feel better! I felt so guilty that I can't run with him and I think doing an extra few minutes of cardio every day will really help him reach his goals!

For dinner this evening we had Turkey chili with Fage greek yogurt on top. It was AMAZING. I will have JT write the recipe out so I can share it. He changed up another not-so-healthy recipe to make it work for us. :) At some point this week he is going to make me another fish recipe of some kind. They have really good looking tuna steaks at our local grocery store and I loved the Tilapia.

So - I cheated and weighed today (I know I shouldn't do that - it is just SO hard to resist!) And I cannot wait to see how my results go Friday! I am so encouraged by what I saw! It makes me want to work three times as hard!

On a different note, along with my bodybugg, I got access to a website to help me track my progress. On this website, they have weight loss and nutrition forum with a lot of awesome articles. I will begin sharing those starting in tomorrow's blog.

As always, thank you for reading! <3

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  1. Keep up the great work, I am so proud of you! And what a great idea to focus more on the positive than the negative... I need to do more of that for sure! :)