Saturday, January 16, 2010

Keeping it Together

Another successful day of eating and living a healthy life!

We accomplished a lot around the house cleaning wise (and bulldogge wise! haha they were stinky!), watched several old school episodes of Biggest Loser and went to dinner and to see the Wizard of Oz with JT's parents. Dinner was good - I had a glass of red wine, a piece of bruschetta and chicken primevara (chicken sauteed in oil and garlic with veggies over pasta.) It was pretty good. I feel like I made healthy choices and definitely watched my portions!

The Wizard of Oz was awesome too and to cap off the evening we are currently watching the football games and relaxing.

While we were out and about today, I picked up a yoga dvd which focuses on strengthening back muscles to fix posture and help with lower back pain. I am going to do that first thing in the morning! I sure hope it helps!

Thats about it for tonight, I will check back in tomorrow with my measurements and a new, awesome dinner recipe hopefully! Thank you all for the support and words of encouragement!

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