Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Fun-Day!

SOOOOOOOOOO wonderful to have a 3 day weekend! WOO HOO!

And to prove my happiness about that, please enjoy the following video... If only I could be buffed, beautiful and bitchin'

Today was a good day. I got up and went to the Goodwill, they were having a 75% off moving sale. I was able to get 5 articles for only 3.99! you CANNOT beat that! And guess what I got... A PAIR OF EXPRESS JEANS... SIZE 9/10!!!!!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment for me. They look awesome too and i'll be out of them soon too. :) They fit in the waist pretty perfectly but are surprisingly loose in the legs (that NEVER happens to me!) I also got a dress shirt, a pair of dress capris, a cool vintage red dress and a cute little brown skirt (bathing suit cover etc...)

I got home and mowed the back yard for my dad and then met Kristi for a nice 8.65 mile bike ride. :) Then I helped my dad get dinner together and clean up the kitchen. Pretty chill Memorial day. :)

Unfortunately I have to work at 330 am... I HATE that - but what can I do? I need the monies! lol.

BIG shoutout to my SIL Sara! She finished her 5K in 25:25! She beat her previous 5K time by an ENTIRE minute! She also finished 2nd in her age group! Great job Sara!  And another shout out to Melanie! SOO glad to hear you're getting back into running! :) Make sure to share any info you find!

I am really looking forward to my warrior dash Sunday! Anyways, bed time, until next time - thanks for reading!

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  1. omg that video had me crackin UP! Too funny!!