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When I wrote Thursday, I mentioned at the end that I would be uncovering a huge Biggest Loser lie in today's blog. The important thing about this post is not what actually happened in the show... but the lack of integrity in the show. Sadly, there is a lack of integrity in our world and it makes me sad and sick. While you're reading today, please take a moment to reflect and ask if you're living a life of integrity or not.

JT always waits a few days to watch Biggest Loser. He DVRs it and watches it later in the week or maybe even the following week and almost kills me because I always want to talk about it! Well the other day he finally watched last weeks episode. The one where they brought Tara back to compete in the "car pulling" challenge to win money for her charity.

SPOILER ALERT (if you have not watched the episode and do not want to know what happened, please skip down to the next bolded line!)

During the episode they did a huge build up to this challenge. One of the prizes was that the winner would have their face put on a Wheaties box. Rulon, who as we all know was an olympic athlete gave a pretty weepy interview about hoping he finally had his chance to make it on a wheaties box etc... because he couldn't make it happen in his past. He used the word "redemption."

The race came around and all of the players were lined up in front of their cars on a race track - when the horn blew they were off and Rulon got an early and HUGE jump on everyone. He was obviously going to easily win, but, somewhere along the way he lost momentum and low and behold Tara ended up winning. (It ended up being a photo finish though.)

I watched, felt disappointed for Rulon and moved on. Then, unexpectedly and surprisingly, at the end of that episode, Rulon quit the show for "personal reasons." I was actually very surprised... Rulon was still 301 lbs. with only 4 weeks left and was absolutely poised to win... WTH was this guy doing? I was surprised, especially because when he said he was leaving it didn't sound very legit? But, I didn't know so I moved on again.

This week, after JT finally caught up with the show I was excited to finally get his opinion! That is when all of my Biggest Loser bliss came to and end.

The first thing JT said was how bullshit the car challenge was. I asked why and he explained that racetracks are built at an extremely large angle and that Rulon being at the top and Tara being at the bottom was a VERY unfair advantage in her favor. Rulon would be dealing with a lot more friction due to his wheels wanting to pull left and go down hill - his driver would actually have to turn the steering wheel, whereas Tara's wouldn't because she was on the opposite end lane that was on flat ground. I knew the tracks were built at an angle but never thought about how unfair that would be for Rulon... then, JT decided to look up info about the race and omg... it was horrible... not only was the race set up unfairly... but the show re-shot the ending of the race to "make" Tara the winner. Please see the following links for proof and more explanation.

and here is another one with actual proof via pictures and video -

The worst part is that Biggest Loser was caught lying about something in the past and PROMISED never to let that happen again -

What a shame.


So yeah, needless to say I am very disappointed about Biggest Loser's lack of integrity. It makes me not want to watch the show anymore. I know it may not "seem" like that big of a deal to some... but to me, that sort of crap is what sucks in life.

There are a ton of examples of athletes with no integrity - in fact, I found a TON of videos for players with no integrity and found far fewer for those with it... I  hope that is just journalism sensationalism and not the reality though...

this was obviously made before Barry was convicted of lying... his ass definitely took a few shots... (lol no  pun intended...)

And another "winner" who NEVER took a steroid!

Guess he forgot he gave that interview a couple years later when he admitted to using steroids while playing with Texas...

and THIS guy... Jeez dude - how in the HELL are you going to keep lying about your steroid use when your best friend said you admitted it to him and that he used them as well and when your wife admitted to using them?

It really makes me sad. Sad because these people are the heroes to our youth. Kids want to be them... and the saddest thing is that these are only three stories of probably hundreds of people who lied and got caught...and there are probably 100s more who didn't get caught...

I do want to share a few stories of people who DO have integrity.

Sorry this first one is not in English... like I said,  it was a lot harder to find stories about athletes doing the right thing...

The guy ended up losing, but he really won because he could leave there knowing he gave it his all and didn't cheat.

This next one is about an athlete who DID lie - but finally couldn't live with the lies anymore. She showed integrity eventually and that is something that should be applauded.

I saved the best for last. Pat Tillman was a man of great Integrity. People looking from the outside probably though he had "everything," but to Pat, that wasn't enough. He wanted to fight for his nation - he wanted to do what he thought was right.

Sadly, the circumstances surrounding his death were filled with lies and deceit. The people involved showed no integrity at all, even after the truth came out. Thank goodness there are people in the world like Pat though - a true athlete, a true MAN and HERO that kids can look up to.

I hope today's videos and post really made everyone think. It is a topic that is very important but I think few people ever think about. Integrity is so important in our lives. It is important to do the right things in sports, training, and life in general. And it important to your training. If you make the commitment to yourself to get in shape and eat right, you have to be able to be truthful with yourself. You have to have integrity within yourself.

Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.
Don Galer

"Honor your commitments with integrity."

Les Brown 

On a different note I had a GREAT run today. Did 3 miles in 33 mins 15 seconds! 11 min 5 sec. miles! That is a PR for me! Next Saturday I am going to run a 5K and I hope to improve it even more by then (even if it is only by a few seconds.)

Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 6 mile run, but I was talking to JT and I don't think I am going to do the long run days for my training. I don't have anything planned to run and Im still working on healing my sprained toe and learning how to run correctly. Instead, I am going to follow the rest of the days in the plan and switch my long run out for a long bike ride and possibly a couple mile run. :) I think that will suffice for a while.

I am also going to be really cutting my diet this week. Im still not seeing a ton of weight (i am losing inches and gaining muscle though... which is great, but being 30 lbs overweight I need to drop lbs. too). So, I am going to cut my 1600 cal average to 1200 for a while. And I think that average is on the loser side too - Ive been trying to log accurately, but I sometimes grab stuff to snack on while cooking and such that I don't think to count...  cutting my diet is probably going to suck at first - but, if I am eating whole foods that are filling I will be fine. I'll see how it goes and assess my intake from there. :)

OH and DEFINITELY check out this chicks recipe blog! IT ROCKS! -

I made her perfect pancakes today, here is a pic! They are obviously cooked unevenly... but Im not exactly the best cook in the world :) They were pretty awesome though - a little dry but I think it is my protein brand - I am going to switch out half of the protein for a half cup of cottage cheese (no taste but adds lots of protein and wetness!)


Anyways, thanks for reading!

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