Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good day

Quick check in - pretty great day today <3

My eating today was great! I factored in 300 calories of "extra" cals just in case I didn't count every single calorie, but without those 300 I finished at about 1250! :) And I feel full and great. I re-made those "perfect protein pancakes," doubled the recipe so I could warm some up for breakfast in the morning and subbed 1 full scoop of protein powder for 4 TBSP of cottage cheese. They were MUCH better! A lot less dry and SO yummy! :) I put a little peanut butter on them and had such a yummy supper! :) Can't wait until breakfast in the morning!

I also grilled up some organic chicken breast and put together a huge salad for lunch tomorrow. Snacks will be carrots and hummus and almonds. :)

I also worked out today. I took yesterday off (Mondays and Fridays are my new rest days) I ran 1.4 miles to the gym and then did a men's health workout JT showed me a couple of weeks ago (that he plans to do himself). It was a bit too hard for me as is, so I improvised and feel like I got a great workout in. :) my run went great too - ran 1.4 miles in 13.50. However, I had to "calibrate" the run because my Nike program said it was 1.34 miles, but according to mapmyrun.com and google maps it is a 1.4 mile run... so who knows - either way I am happy with that time. :) I am speeding up a little bit. I am running a 5K Saturday, so we'll see how I am REALLY doing! lol.

Saw this article today and thought it might be helpful for those of you who are also trying to build endurance -


Thank you for reading!

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  1. 13:50 is good! That is basically 1.5 in 14:15 or less. Thats good enough to pass AF PT test :) You can only get faster. Are you running in VFF? Have you actually noticed the change in your running gait, where you don't heel strike anymore? Sorry so many questions. I've basically spent the last 3 days or so researching bare foot and minimalist running. I'd really like to get a pair of minimalist running shoes. I don't know if I could ever go completely barefoot for the simple fact if there is something sharp and dangerous...it would be drawn to my foot like white on rice. If I could reteach my brain to run on the balls of my feet..I think I would be faster and have less aches and pains especially in the knee area.