Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another PR

Age group 25-29
Place in age group - 10 of 25
bib number - 904
age - 25
place overall - 144 of about 260+
chip time/official time - 28:28
clock time - 28:39

I knocked another 11 seconds off of my PR time! I am pretty excited. My split times were decent too, I obviously got A LOT slower toward the end of the race.

Taking into account my 11 seconds from my chip time (There were a couple 100 people running so I was in the middle of the pack, by the time I crossed the official start line, 11 seconds had passed on the clock - so my official time when starting the race is the "chip time")

Mile 1 - 8:35
Mile 2 - 17:53
Mile 3.1- 28:28

I slowed significantly there on the last mile. I was very happy with my time today, even though I didn't get my 27 minute goal. That will come with time. JT gave me a few tips (such as running in shorts rather than pants like a crazy person.... it was SO hot... doing my interval training instead of skipping it every week etc...) It will also make a huge difference when I drop some more weight too. The other obstacle on  today's run was that it was quite hilly, so maybe some hill training would be beneficial as well!

Next week is the warrior dash (click on the words "warrior dash" to check out the website!) and my previous time is 35 minutes. This is a 5K also, but this one has obstacles along the way. :) My blogger profile pic is actually me after the first one JT and I ran! I am SO excited! My friends Kristie and Yvonne are running and my friend Rhonda, who isn't running, is actually going to ride down with me and cheer me on. I am going to have to make a Tshirt or something this week to wear in the race!

Speaking of Kristie, she PR'd her run today too! She ran it in 29:20 and her last race was a PR at 29:58! QUITE an improvement Kristie! CONGRATULATIONS! My  friend Anita, who had a fun night out last night, did awesome too with a time of 26:32! So fun when you know others in the race!

Alright, bed time for bonzo here... but before I go, here is a cool article posted on active today. It is funny and full of interesting and need-to-know information:

a BIG HUGE SHOUTOUT to my SIL Sara! She is running her first "paid" 5K in the AM! YOU CAN DO IT! She is fast and her goal is to do her run in less than 26:25! GOOOOO SARA!! WOO HOOOO!!!!

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