Thursday, June 2, 2011

Serious Burn

I had my most difficult run yet yesterday... Intervals!

I talked to JT and together we determined I would aim for an 8:30 mile. That meant my lap time had to be around 2:07. I would run my lap on pace, rest for 45 seconds and then run another lap on pace. I did that 5 times. Before I did that though, I ran an easy mile with a pace of 9:55 and when I finished by 5 laps, I ran another easy 1.75 miles to finish my day with 4 miles all together.

My split times on my laps were
1. 2:05
2. 2:01
3. 1:58
4. 2:04
5. 2:05

So I did ok all together. A little to fast on lap 3 - but overall pretty close to pace. I finished my final 1.75 miles in 18:33. I feel great about my overall time and run and really feel like I pushed myself. I also ended up burning 4606 calories. IN-FREAKING-SANE! I can't even believe I burned that many calories... I don't even know if that is correct... I am thinking it is broken lol.

I decided to take today off. Lifting Tuesday made me really sore and after last nights run and a full day of work I decided I would hold off on my 2nd lifting session until tomorrow. :) Then, I'll take Saturday off and Sunday is my Warrior Dash! I can't wait! I had SO much fun the last time!

Hope everyone else is on target! I will have a more substantial check in tomorrow!

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