Thursday, May 5, 2011

Be Determined

My crazy week is finally coming to a close. So far I am 32 hours into the work week, I completed 2 finals, 3 papers and several assignments, and I've logged 13 miles of running and done some lifting. I feel great and accomplished!

It definitely hasn't been easy though. I've been preparing my food (breakfast, lunch and snacks) every night for the next day. The hardest thing has been drinking enough water - but all in all I have been able to maintain my commitment to myself.

The "breakfast" cookies I wrote about the other day are AWESOME by the way! Everyone needs to try them! So far I've only had mine with bananas and craisins as the "mix ins" but I LOVE that combo. They are a little too soggy for my liking out of the fridge, so I put mine in the freezer for about 10-20 mins before eating it (while I get my stuff together in the morning.)

So, i've talked about this before, but when I need something in life, someone always happens to show up to help provide it to me.. Today I met "Annita" at the gym. She is a BEAUTIFUL middle-aged woman (40) - she literally looks 27... when she told me she was 40 I was shocked. Anyways, I changed up my workouts last week and started using Hal Higdon's training plan (to run a  half marathon.) I don't have any particular one I plan to run, but I needed to change up my workouts and felt like I needed more cardio.
Anyways, Annita is training to run marathons and halfs too - she is actually running the cleveland half next weekend in fact. She gave me some GREAT stretching tips (as most of you know i've had some hip and lower back pain lately... her stretches ROCK) and offered to train with me and all sorts of stuff :) It was awesome! It is always nice to meet someone interested in what you're doing who can offer incite! ALWAYS keep your eyes and ears open for people like this.... I really believe it is a gift from somewhere.

I apologize my blogs haven't been as packed full of information as usual - I'll catch up this weekend and share tons. :)

Here are a few articles though! <3

This first article is about exercising while traveling -

And this is another one about hip pain -

My sister Sara  (Tony's wife) shared some awesome quotes with me today! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

“Those who say that I will lose and I am finished will have to run over my body to beat me”. Aouita, 5000 meter Olympic gold medalist

“Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don’t think about it, I just do it”
Patti Sue Plumer, U. S. Olympian

Thank you for reading!

OH PS - I have some info to share about Biggest Loser this weekend too... I think I am done watching that show :( VERY Disappointed in the fact that they RIG crap on it :( 

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  1. AWESOME job with everything you've accomplished this week, I'm so proud of you! What a good idea, putting the cookie in the freezer, you're so smart! YAY for finding a new mentor/training buddy at the gym for your running, woo hoo! And I am on the edge of my seat to find more out about the rigging on the Biggest Loser, what happened??