Saturday, May 14, 2011

PR'd my 5K

A little blurry.. but that is because I was running SO fast! :)
It might not seem like a great time - 28:42, but to me it is an AWESOME time because i've been running 3 miles between 33 and 36 minutes and my goal was to finish in 30 mins. I beat myself by an entire minute and 18 seconds...

I was going to start  today's blog off with an apology for not writing in a couple of days - but I feel too good about my progress to apologize for anything. If I feel bad for not writing enough, I just need to write more - not make excuses about it.

So, instead I wanted to talk about my run today and my thought process through it - as well as a couple of other things.

First of all, last night, when I was chatting with JT via FB I still hadn't signed up for the 5K (registration was this morning at 8 for people who couldn't sign up at the church) I mentioned that the best part about not being signed up early was the chance for an out if it was raining or I was too tired to get up... talk about a ridiculous cop-out statement! JT didn't say anything to me, but I definitely realized right away that my mind was trying to screw me over. At that point I made the decision that no matter how I felt I would get my ass out of bed and run this morning - rain or shine.

And I did. In fact, I woke up at 600am on a day off of work and felt great. I ate a great breakfast, checked my computer stuff, talked to JT and got there FIRST this morning to register (AND they still had a couple of shirts! I got one of the last mediums!) When JT and I talked he asked what my goal was - I told him that I had been running it in 33-36 so my goal was to do it in 32. He said um... how about you shoot for 30 - you can do that!

So that is what I did. I was nervous before the race because I hadn't run anything like that in so long and I just wanted to do well. JT had said "don't let your mind tell you that you're tired - remember that is just your mind, you can PUSH your body." I thought about that statement the whole time. It is so true. I felt tired toward the 2 mile marker and kept repeating that to myself - I CAN keep going, I run 3 miles very regularly - I can pop out a mile in 9 minutes if that is all im doing so why can't I do 3 in 30 minutes?

It got me through. And next time I'll be shooting for 27 minutes!

Our minds are such powerful things. They give us our motivation, our will power, they make us feel and think and so much more... We have to train our minds to believe in us.

In other news, work is still going great. Im working my tail off and feel exhausted when I get home. Overall, I am still able to make it to the gym almost daily. I take two week days off for rest days and otherwise have been steady. I also found out i've lost a couple more inches... I feel SO great about that!

I have been having some issues with bathroom stuff - (don't want to go into details... TMI right?) lol so I am using Jillian Michaels Detox and probiotic cleanse. Does it work? Probably not really - but my brain thinks it is and that is all that matters right? (we can trick our brains to make our bodies work!)

Ok, I have to cut this shorter than I wanted because I have somewhere to be soon - but thank you for reading and I'll post more later!!! (check out JT's blog... it is an AWESOME one today!


  1. Woot!!!!! Awesome job. I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it!! That is an excellent time. I think it helps a lot to run with other people in a race setting, it helps to push yourself to run faster and harder. A least that's how it is in my case.

  2. Awesome job on your PR, you go girl!!! I love the caption under your picture, by the way. LMAO!!

  3. Great job Heather! Fantastic work! Proud of your accomplishments!