Saturday, May 28, 2011

Run in the morning

I have a 5K tomorrow morning and am getting ready to go to bed so I can ensure a great nights rest. :) I need to figure out a "race day" routine so in the future when I participate in runs I can eat a good breakfast, get there by a good time, use the restroom beforehand etc... because as of right now Im a little nervous. That is quite strange for me, but for some reason I am... maybe because Im going for another PR?

Ive taken two days off in preparation for the race too - I really needed to let my poor feet rest ... work has been really tough on my feet for some reason and they've been SO unbelievably sore. I need to start icing them or something. Anyone have any suggestions about how to make them feel better? I have kept my workouts up besides the last two days though and those were actually designated off days on my training program :) So, Im trying not to feel bad about taking them off (I do though...) I really needed some time off though!

On a different note, I went to an anniversary party for some family friends today - their daughter actually bought them new wedding bands and had a pastor "re-marry" them. It was pretty sweet :) However, I decided to indulge in some cake and cookies and punch... I now have a splitting headache - WAY too much sugar for one day. I also feel a lot more tired than usual and a little anxious. I hope I feel better by the morning! I would hate to have sabotaged myself just because I had some dessert.

OHH I got a new blender!! I had been using my moms, but it kicked the bucket and ive been desperate! (I have a protein shake every morning before breakfast - I blend them as im walking out the door and drink them on the way to work.) So I went to Target and bought a Hamilton Beach Single Serve one... I LOVE it. It works great, blends everything thoroughly and quickly and isn't too loud. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a blender! 

Anyways, this was just a quick check-in because I said I was going to write again today - I will definitely check in about my race. tomorrow. :) Does anyone have any big Memorial day plans? If so, what healthy eating choices do you have planned (or do you!?? lol).

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  1. I have a question... how do you make your protein shakes? What all goes in them?

    Oh and I hope your 5k went well!! :)