Friday, May 27, 2011

SOOOOOOO Tired... :)

It has been a very long and busy two weeks. I have worked about 102 hours the last two weeks - run 15+ miles and lifted and worked on my couponing. I have also had plenty of time to relax and chat with my sweet husband and enough time to go to an amazing middle-eastern/Lebanese restaurant with friends (shout-out to Ash and Danielle! thanks for the invite!)

Today has been the most difficult of all of the days. I am brand new at my job and I am already training someone.... which is difficult because I still  don't know exactly what I am doing sometimes! I tried to let my trainee (who is VERY nice by the way) run the machine a little today, but he was SO slow and kept forgetting everything I just told him ... I literally almost lost my damn mind. Thanks goodness I somehow kept my cool and was very patient with him. I would hate to ruin his day just because I am grumpy and  overtired! lol.

I was SO tired today though and kept telling myself I wanted to just sit around and that I had to leave and go to sleep etc... then, i remembered Johnny Waite training for his three day death race, despite numerous injurires - I thought about all of the people running 500 milers etc... and I realized how ridiculous I sounded! 

When I first started working out I tracked my calorie burn with my body bug and over about a month I burned an average of 2700 cals a day - today, I checked my average for the last 21 days and it was freaking 3200 cals! I can't even believe it. I am so excited and feel proud of my hard work and the way my body is changing.

On a completely different note my eyelids keep closing! I am going to go to bed and write more tomorrow! However, here are a few great links - Thanks for reading!!

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