Saturday, March 27, 2010

check in

Well, i had my weigh in yesterday. It did not go very well - but im not discouraged...just disappointed. I am tired of working toward weight loss and not achieving it. I don't understand why I was losing a lb. a week and now its not happening at all. ugh.

On a different note, I watched Jamie Oliver last night. He finally got through to some of the kids... but the saddest thing I think I have ever seen is an entire 1st grade class unable to identify even ONE fruit or vegetable he held up. Seriously... one called a TOMATO a POTATO. It was so sad. I would call that a FAIL for our society and our future. There was also a 4 year old that literally looked like a 4th grader because she was so big. I hope when Im teaching I can do something to help children with their decisions in food - and Chelsea you're right, maybe we will be able to make a committee or something? I WILL do something.

SO I think the only way I am going to be able to get to my goal is to radically change something. I have tried just to watch myself and eat a little better... i definitely need to work out more. There is no question about that. So I think I am going to make a challenge with myself to work out EVERY day this week starting NOW. Today I have a softball tournament. Tomorrow I have softball practice. Monday I will ride my bike to school and go on a jog and lift weights. Tuesday the same and etc... I also talked to JT and he is going to buy me TRX bands for Easter! I am SO excited. They will be a great resource for working out! Another goal is TO DRINK WATER! UGH! haha I still haven't been drinking water like I should.

The main key to this is to know that this is going to work for me - when you fall... you have to continue to get back up and work toward your goal. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Hey Heather... just checking in on you since we haven't been hearing much from you lately. I know one of your goals was to write in this thing every day, so just wanted to give you a few words of encouragement and say that you're doing great, and keep it up!!! Even if you aren't seeing the weight loss you want, be confident that you are at least treating your body HEALTHIER. : )