Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lordy am I tired!

Wow has it been a busy day. And as a result my eating has not been great. So terrible and BS. I am eating a lot less often but getting quick to grab things like lean pockets and fast food. That has to change. I am however, burning a million calories a day which is nice. :)

Its so weird how you can know in your brain that you're not doing something correctly - you have all of the tools to make the right choices and all of the resources... yet you still choose to make the wrong choice. Why? I just can't quite figure it out. Yes its more convenient - but just a LITTLE planning would help me be more successful. I went for 9 straight weeks doing great and on week 10 its like im my old self again.

I am not going to let this stop me though. Really this is just a small bump in the road that I am going to face the rest of my life. And honestly, if I were in maintenance mode I would be fine right now because I am not OVER eating, just not eating low fat/good choices. And Ive said it... Ive preached it... the food you put into your body makes all of the difference. We'll see how Friday goes I guess! :)

On a different note I am still looking for soy information! :) And anything else anyone would like to share! Thank you as always for reading!

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  1. Hey Heather! I know, that is something I constantly ask myself... when I am faced with an unhealthy food choice, and in the back of my mind I KNOW there is a giant list of cons and only 1 pro (instant gratification) for eating it, and yet I eat it anyway. Its a mystery to me too, and something I struggle with almost daily! You'll get back on track, you just need to get to the grocery store and stock your fridge! Something that sometimes helps me is making a HUGE batch of something healthy on Sunday (veggie soup, whole wheat pasta with olive oil and TONS of veggies, and I'd like to make a big veggie lasagna sometime), and then you will have leftovers to eat ALL week. I will also often freeze a few servings of the pasta or soup, and then having something I can pop in the microwave when I'm short on time.

    Sorry, I don't have any handy articles on soy unless I googled it, but I'm sure you could do that just as easily. lol.