Monday, March 22, 2010

successful monday

Great day today!

I ate clean (im pretty sure) and made my rounds to all of the different health food/product stores in town. It was SO cool!

SO this is what I ate

Breakfast- Fage yogurt, locally grown honey and bearnaked granola
Lunch - went to an organic eatery and had tomato basil soup and a salmon cake
snack - 1 oz. of Almonds and 8 oz. of milk
Dinner - 4 oz. of ny strip, asparagus, corn and bakery bread.
I have also had 2 and a half glasses of wine! lol! :) Delicious! haha

I feel like today went well though. I personally feel very good right now and I went on a nice long walk in the beautiful weather with chels today and that was good. :)
I found some really neat places to get products and food and found out our farmers market starts back up here in only a couple of weeks. :)

Some of the places I checked out today were neat - I am actually quite surprised how much availability we have in this area. They are also going to be building a chain grocery store around here but apparently its going to be a green/organic version of it. I can't wait! :) They even have a store that is all about "holistic medicine," but its not that they are selling it - they have a naturopathic doctor who performs Iridology to tell you what you need in your body. They also have infrared saunas and several other things. I don't know how awesome those things are, but they did seem pretty neat!!!

I have told anyone wiling to listen about the Jamie Oliver show. I still can't believe that crap. Today i've been trying to come up with a plan on how I can help fix some of the problems. I just really feel like I have some sort of a calling...just wish I could figure out what it was so I could get started! :)

Tomorrow I am going to try to do even better on my eating (eat enough at least) and then JT and I are going to a comedy show tomorrow night! I can't wait!!!!

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. yeah I'm pretty excited about that Food Revolution show too! Really gets you fired up, doesn't it? lol. YAY for visiting all your local shops and stuff, and eating so well! I'm so happy you feel so great and had such a great day!