Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quite Tired!

Yes... its past 1 (for some reason my blog says its pacific standard time.. haven't taken the time to change that yet! haha) JT and I just made a midnight run to wally world to pick up stuff for healthy chili tomorrow! SOOOO excited! :) I love his chili and its so cold and rainy and gross here! Chili will definitely hit the spot!

We had SUCH a productive weekend. We completely cleaned out the garage and bought shelving to organize a bit. We also patched the drywall in the kitchen and pretty soon it will be all fixed and much easier to move around in! I also played softball! It was just overall a wonderful weekend with my sweet hubby.

I had class today and rather than putting in a super long workout Chels and I did some walking around cardio. It actually worked pretty well too - i burned a couple hundred calories.

My calorie burn the last few days has been great. I am going to make it a serious goal to burn my 2600 a day I usually get close but if I just do a BIT more I can make it and I'll see better results. My eating has been on target so Im feeling good. (I will admit though I had more than 1 cheat meal this weekend!)

See you all tomorrow! <3

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  1. I know if you set a goal you'll reach it!! Maybe you should park further away from the school, then it'll force you to walk farther and get in those extra calories burned!! And same goes for when you go shopping. Just park at the first parking spot you get to before all the cars, I use to do that but got lazy and stopped :). But if you want to do little stuff those will work! Good luck girl! I'm rootin for you!!