Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Decent day today!

I had school all day and got good news that I was wrong about how many books I have to read! Instead of 40 I only have to do 24! I am SO excited because I was SO worried about finishing. Now it will be just fine because i've done at least 10 already. I also found out I only have to write 4 of my 8 english papers! WOO HOO! Talk about taking stress right off of my shoulders! I only wish JT could get a break too. Our house has been so stressed due to the ridiculous amount of work he is assigned daily. I know this is all worth the frustration but I will be so happy when he doesn't have to feel stressed all the time. It makes me feel terrible.
Through the stress though - he made us a great dinner on the grill again! We had fajitas and he grilled the tortillas and made black beans in foil on it too! it was awesome! Fage instead of sour cream and corn (again...i love it so much! haha)

Melanie - I have been snacking on almonds and its been so filling and yummy! Thank you for the suggestion!! :) Also - in regards to the P90X - its a workout video that has a 90 day plan. Each month is a different set of workouts and they are challenging and awesome. All you need is a set of weights or resistance bands (i suggest getting both) and a pull up bar that you can put in one of your doors. (you can get a great deal on the entire package on amazon.) Id also like to suggest though that you consider TRX. If I had a choice that's what Id rather do - Chris can probably tell you about them because they are very popular for deployment situations etc... but they are AMAZING. Heck - if you could afford it, both would be awesome! haha You'd love them. They actually even offer TRX classes at a lot of gyms!

Aside from all of that, JT and I are going to go ahead and finish up the food in the house and then completely change to non-processed foods. We're not buying diet soda any more etc... and we're going to start buying organic next time we go to the store. I think the only thing we may have on hand in case of emergencies is sugar-free monster :) no aspertame and it has lots of vitamins and minerals... we don't drink them all the time but on non-coffee days in the hot hot heat of texas its nice to have a cold caffeinated drink! any opinions on this?

thanks for reading all! <3

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  1. Hey Heather! Yay for having all that stress off your shoulders, thats awesome!! And I love the TRX, my trainer has me use it occasionally to do different work outs, and it really IS very versatile! I can work my arms AND legs with it! Thats awesome that you guys are making the switch the non-processed, organic foods! And that you're going to stop drinking that nasty diet soda, lol! Good for you guys, I'm so happy! :)