Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy Wednesday!

We accomplished SO much today!

Not only did we rip down an old dilapidated shed in our backyard, but I also went walking today! I burned my 2600 cals! WOO HOO! (almost exactly!)I also REALLY cleaned the kitchen today.

I found an AWESOME blog (especially for my frugal friends!)

enjoy! hahaha

Ok so this is today's new topic - (i need some input on this one for sure!)
What do you all do to be more eco friendly, organic etc... I need some tips because I am not very organized - I have no idea what products to buy etc...

The one thing I am CRAZY about is using as FEW plastic shopping bags as possible. It takes SO MUCH oil to make plastic bags and they are just terrible for the environment in general. We bought re-usable bags and make an effort to use them... although we both forget a lot! haha.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

side note: Mel - the diva cup should be so good as a way to be more eco friendly - it came today and I can't wait to use it! My friend bought one and is having a hard time with it sticking out a bit... any suggestions on how to make it more comfortable?

Thanks guys <3 WEIGH IN FRIDAY! WOOT!


  1. You can trim the little piece that sticks out from the bottom. It's really not necessary at all, so just cut it down as far as you can. Also, you can really put the cup way in there. It's supposed to encompass your cervix...when you put it in, just put your finger in, and run your finger around the shouldn't feel your cervix sticking out at all - the cup should be completely popped open...then just push the cup up there nice and snug, and it shouldn't be a problem!!!

  2. Oh, and regarding becoming more environmentally thoughtful - we just started replacing things as we used them up with organic alternatives, and things less impactful to the environment, like environmentally friendly dishwasher detergent, and laundry soap (which, the lavender laundry soap is sold at Sam's Club now!!!) It's baby steps!!!

  3. hmm. I've read lots of reviews about the diva cup that say its NOT supposed to be up around your cervix, the diva cup website emphasizes that its supposed to sit lower than a normal tampon. AND I trimmed off part of the stem already. hmmmmm.

    Heather, regarding being environmentally friendly: I do LOTS of things. I keep my re-usable bags in the car with me for every time I go to the grocery store, walmart, etc. I try to never ever get anything styrofoam (like to-go containers, styrofoam coffee or drink cups from restaurants, etc). I recycle everything possible, I even started a recycling program at my office. And just a good rule of thumb, whenever I'm about to use something disposable (like a paper plate or cup), I think about how wasteful it is to send it into a landfill just so I could use it ONCE. I am ridiculous. I also try to buy foods from local farmer's markets so that I am eating as locally/organically as possible (and not wasting tons of energy shipping the foods from far off states, where they are commercially farming the land using tons of chemicals and such). I think you can also lower the temperature on your water heater a few degrees, uses less energy to keep it warm. And like your friend said, just using more natural and eco-friendly soaps and such. I have lots more tips, but I am rambling. LOL!

  4. oh yes, and eating less meat (and/or trying to buy it from local farmers) is probably one of the most awesome things you can do for the environment. Commercial feedlots are SO harmful on the environment, and the anti-biotics they pump into the animals to keep them healthy in those conditions are really harmful to our bodies as well. Also, all the energy and resources that go into those feed lots is above and beyond wasteful. You are what you eat!