Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Week, ready for some hard work

Good day today!

JT made a WONDERFUL dinner (as you can see) and we finally finished the living room yesterday! It feels SO good to get stuff done!

This week should be a decent weight loss week - even if I can only get back down to 167. I am still doing pretty poorly with the water drinking though.

On a different note, a few of my girlfriends have been discussing whether people should be eating snacks or only 3 meals a day? Any ideas on that subject?

THank you for reading! <3


  1. In weight watchers they say to eat snacks and meals, but Julian Michaels from TV says don't have a snack at all... it's hard to say which one is the truth. Once you find out let me know!! I'm wondering the same thing!

  2. You have to keep yourself from getting ravenous or else you're going to slip up! Grab a baggie and put in a handful of raw almonds and some dried blueberries or something. And have it in between lunch and dinner...and DRINK WATER!!! Not only will it make you feel fuller, but Water is what helps your body flush out all that fat that you're going to lose!!!!