Friday, April 30, 2010


Sorry I didn't update yesterday - i was very overwhelmed with papers, studying etc...

Things are going well here. I had softball tonight and we won again! we are 6-0! Although tonight's game was VERy close - we played like Crap!

We have the warrior dash sunday. I don't really think im ready for it, and Jt is in a lot of pain with his back again, so I think we are going to take it VERY VERY easy. the main goal is to finish it.

If the fatties in Texas can do a 5K on TBL - then I can!

Thee good news is that I am SO close to being done with school. I don't even have stress anymore. Only two more tests, one of which is online. I have two papers due but I already turned one in and the other is done besides one section. :) Life is good. Weight be gone because stress is gone! lol!

We did a great job eating this week. We ate all whole foods etc... I feel so good about it too. Its hard to let go of "low fat" but im getting used to it and enjoying teh chance.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay for letting go of "low fat!" :)

    I don't really have any books I can send you, I've gotten most of my stuff from the library. I only own one book, "The Kind Diet" by Alicia Silverstone, but I kinda need to keep it for the recipes, lol. But seriously go to a library and get the following books! (I go to my library's website online and request books that I want if they don't have them, then they email me when they come in. Very convenient!).

    1. The Kind Diet (Alicia Silverstone)
    2. Skinny Bitch (Freedman & Barnouin) - I think you'd like this one a lot, its a very no-nonsense book and a quick read!
    3. Food, Inc. (either the movie or the book)

    Seriously Heather, go get them!! Start off with Skinny Bitch, thats what I recommend first. lol. Its also small and paperback so you could probably buy it used pretty cheap if you needed to.