Monday, April 19, 2010

much work - little play

Today was a very homework intensive day again! This is what I get for waiting until the last minute to do everything! lol!

I did go to softball today and had a decent practice. I feel absolutely disgusting though. I really feel fat and gross. Its such an awful feeling :( I just wish it wasn't so damn hard to lose weight. Its a constant struggle that I am so tired of having. I enjoy eating - but I constantly have to monitor what I put into my mouth because if I look at something fattening it somehow makes its way into my love handles, thighs and arms. :( bleah.

I will persist though. Its all I can really do. I just wanted to check in. I could really use some words of encouragement though if anyone has any to offer. :) thanks for your continued support. <3


  1. hey Heather! Thanks for posting more frequently again, I love having your blog to read. Mine is kind of anti-motivating so you might not want to read it, LOL!

    I might be wrong here, but I think a problem that you have is that you get really over zealous and jump into things too fast. Like the running... instead of starting out just walking a mile or two every day, or even just jogging for half a mile a day (which you should have done for like a week or two), you just jumped right into trying to run for 2 miles straight, and then pushed yourself when it was really hard. Normally, pushing yourself is a good thing, but with your history of injuring your back (and your knee?) you REALLY need to learn to take it slow and easy! lol. Because it only hurts your progress when you have to take days or weeks off due to injuries. You can do this though, just remember... slow and steady wins the race! :)

  2. haha <3 Thanks Carolyn - you are completely right. I don't know if you remember or not, but back in the day I had this same problem with my knee and they couldn't figure out what it is. From self diagnosis, its just inflamed from overuse and being a bit overweight. I think what started it was running literally 6 miles a day to lose weight when I first joined the Navy. I did lose weight, but hurt my knee in the process, the other option is falling off a cliff in Italy... i seriously did that and grabbed a bush to save myself - it was surreal. But it started hurting after that really. Anyways - i am ok - i will take it slower. I told JT I might have to walk this 5K but at least we'll do it and get our viking helmets! :)