Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 3

Another decent day. Took running off for my bodies sake and instead played a round of disc golf with JT. :) So that was fun! :)

We went grocery shopping tonight! So I am VERY excited that we have good, whole foods in the house to EAT and snack on! :) Tomorrow is a long day at school - but I will run after my night class <3 and then rather than weigh in this week, I am going to wait until next week. Id like to see a big number on my first weigh in day back. :) I will also re-tape myself so I can start new with my measurements.

It is unreal how difficult it is to find normal foods without modified this, hydrogenated that... I am just floored at how "processed" our society has become. We looked at every single ingredients list tonight though and I feel great. :)

I read an article in my Women's health today that said Milk is the BEST post-workout snack. It said in a research study, women who drank milk after a workout lost weight, whereas women who drank sports drinks after a workout generally gained weight. The study showed that the Milk was a natural fat burner and muscle repairer. I know you're not a big milk fan Carolyn, and personally I don't drink much milk - but I wanted to share that bit of info in case anyone else swears by milk. :)

I am way more sore than usual! haha IT is crazy! I need to find something besides ibuprofin to help me feel less miserable! any suggestions? fish oil?

Thank for reading! <3


  1. Don't take anything - just push through! Motrin actually doesn't let you build as much muscle as you would without taking it!!! Soreness will subside on its own. You're doing AMAZING!!!!! I <3 YOU!!!

  2. I would recommend ibuprofen, a hot bath/sauna and/or lots of stretching! And I agree, it IS crazy how processed our society has become, its ridiculous!