Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh my birthday pie

:) Today was the busiest and most productive day I've had in weeks (and when I say that I mean it... even though i've been pretty productive lately.)

I ate decently today (besides splitting Tiramisu with JT - but we did split and it is his bday!) well was... im writing this after midnight so its no longer his bday technically.

In addition to eating well I cleaned the house (which was so filthy I was beginning to feel disgusted...) did some homework, pulled together some bday stuff for JT, went to class, had a job interview (went really well by the way - it was at Chase bank.) had dinner with JT at a GREAT restaurant and did some more homework. Oh and watched a movie! :) haha The nice thing about the productiveness of my day is that is was actually quite fun. :)

Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut. Any of you who are reading this and have seen me in the last 3 years know that my hair is almost to my butt... its time for a change. WIsh I had ANY idea what I was going to do... haha. Ill definitely post pictures! :)

I can't wait to start walking/jogging again this week. My knee still hurts but it IS feeling better today :) And Carolyn gave me some good advice (stop trying to overdo it so quickly!) Very sound advice, thank you. Im a little worried about this week's weigh in. We'll see I guess!

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Yay for a haircut! I just got mine trimmed on Saturday... nothing drastic because I'm trying to grow mine out! I'm pretty sure she only cut off less than an inch but it feels a LOT shorter. Oh well, at least th split ends are gone, lol! Maybe you could get layers, or layered around the face? Don't listen to me, I know nothing about good hair styles, lol!

    And thanks for taking my advice! I know its hard to start off slow, especially when you are excited and want to hurdle mountains in a day, and think you are in good enough shape to handle it. But even if your heart and mind are in the right place, sometimes we have to alter our plans a little to accomodate our bodies. We're not teenagers anymore, lol! Not saying that we're old farts, but its a good idea just to be more cautious. And now that you mention it, I DO remember you having this problem with your knee before. Poor thing!

    I think for you, it might just be a good idea to start off REALLY slow. Just get used to walking a lot, every other day and then every day. Then start introducing jogging every other day, maybe just half a mile to start. Make sure to ICE your knee every time after you run, and maybe put a heating pad on your back. Stretch stretch stretch! Best to gradually introduce your body to this stuff, to prevent injury and having to start back at square one.

    If you take it easy between now and the race, I think you will be ok. No more running, JUST walking. Then the morning of the race, wake up and take some ibuprofen, walk around and stretch a lot. I think you will have a lot of adrenaline and will be able to jog the race if you just stay relaxed and focused. Afterwards, be sure to take MORE ibuprofen, and secure a big ice pack onto your knee. I think you'll be fine for just that one day. :)

    ps - tell JT happy belated birthday! :)