Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I want a change

Not just for me - but for America. It is really weighing on my heart.

I know that probably sounds strange, but it breaks my heart to see people who just have no control over their lives... ME included. My family included, my friends included. The worse part, is that no matter how "bad" someone wants to lose weight - it is SUCH a struggle due to our society. Convenience outweighs health more often than not. Cost outweighs health. But what can we do? I sure as hell can't buy organic chicken at 5.99 a lb. I can't buy organic strawberries at 8.99 a carton. No matter how hard I try to eat better, healthier - it seems like there is always something more that I have to consider or figure out. Why can't it be simple?

One thing I heard several times today while watching my DVR's Jamie Oliver and watching biggest loser, is that this generation right now, is the FIRST in history expected to live a shorter lifespan than their parents. HOW SICKENING! There is HOPE - but I feel like we as a society have to do MORE. Here is the beginning of our hope - JT's aunt shared this with me today and I think it is SO cool. I would LOVE to teach at a school like this!


Now, I have another article to share that Carolyn posted for us the other day in our email group, and although its not positive or hopeful outwardly, I think it is important to note that it is positive that we are figuring these things out and learning why we are struggling so heavily (no pun intended!) as a society.


On a different note - we started out challenge Monday. I am so excited about it. Ive eaten pretty well the last few days too :) Just have to get back into the workouts more heavily and get the eating completely under control. It should be pretty easy though with JT and I having a couple week break in our school schedules. :)

I have a lot of homework to do tomorrow - but my overall goal is to do a midnight run to wally world tonight to pick up a few snacks etc... and then to find SOME time tomorrow to work out. Once we get a little moolah we are going to purchase some TRX bands. Ive really wanted them, but money wise ive had to hold off and now Im just going to such it up and put the money out.

Thanks for reading. <3

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