Monday, April 26, 2010

Successful Sunday

Today was a pretty successful day. JT and I ate healthy all day and I had softball :) We have our run next weekend so we are both going to continue to work out this week to prepare ourselves. We'll probably have to take it REALLY slow though! lol. We bought a water cooler thingy too - so now we have NO excuse not to drink water! (very affordable AND it is better for the environment AND it makes HOT water!)

My knee is feeling better! But its still a little weak. I am going to have to run on grass all week so my knee doesn't swell back up. JT is still hurting pretty bad though (he tweaked his hip/back/butt lol last year and its still acting up.) So Im calling the chiropractor this week for him and hopefully she can fix that for him for the run.

In addition to all of that - we only have two weeks left of school... can't wait to have a break. I really dislike it right now because I have so much work to do. :)

I have been working on my goals - Ive redone my overall goal - I'd like to be 144 by Aug 1. Id also like to get my body fat down to 18%. That is 3 months! Plus, my girlfriends and I are having a biggest loser competition type deal starting monday. We are going to do it in monthly increments and the winner at the end of that month, who loses the most body fat will get a gift or 25 bucks from each of the other people in the group. Should be fun AND very motivating.

thanks for reading!

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