Friday, April 23, 2010

lets make a change

I sent this email to many of my friends and family - I wanted to send it to all of you as well. :) Please support this cause!

Hello -

As many of you know, JT and I are working toward being healthier in our lives. Something we are taking most seriously is eating less processed crap and eating more whole foods. One of the things that has inspired us, is the show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." If you haven't heard of it, Jamie is a chef from Europe who went into the schools of Hunington, West Va. with a mission to completely change the way the kids/faculty/parents/residents look at food. It has been a hassle for him - people are just rude and unwilling to change their ways without a fight. They are more worried about "how they would be portrayed on a show," than the health and well-being of their children. Thankfully, Jamie wouldn't take no for an answer. He pushed and pushed and pushed and did everything he could to educate the community and now he has finally gotten through to many of the residents. I am very happy for Hunington, but I'd really like to see something like this move across America. In our infinite knowledge as a society we think as long as the nutrition label looks good we're good to go - but what we don't take into account many times is what is put into the food. Things such as High Fructose Corn Syrup are within the first 3 ingredients of many of our foods... and although commercials are trying to tell you otherwise, HFCS is very dangerous and terrible for us. Here is an informational article about that -

In addition to the ingredients in the food for the kids, one of the problems Jamie has found is that there are so many strange rules about how many grains should be in a meal etc... but what they are counting as grains are "pizza crust," in addition to that - they have to have a certain number of vegetables per meal - unfortunately, they consider french fries a vegetable. It is sickening... i could literally go on and on - He asked a group of 1st graders to name the vegetables he was holding up - one kid called a tomato a potato... and they didn't get a SINGLE one right. They couldn't name ONE vegetable out of probably 15. So basically, there is a complete ignorance. We need to educate our youth about healthy choices.
The whole point of this email is to ask you to help us try to make a difference. I have posted the link to Jamie's online petition to change the food in our schools. This petition (according to the site) will be presented to the president, and hopefully from there we will see a radical change in the food we feed our kids and the obesity problem that plagues our society. (which has also created a serious health problem in our nation.)

Whether you support this or not, please forward this to anyone you think might care. The more people we can get on board, the easier it will be to make a change.

Thank you for your support. :)
Heather and JT

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  1. Did you watch the last episode tonight? It was fantastic!